Why Your Business Needs Quora and How to Use It

Quora is all about building your authority on your industry topic and building relationships with people who share similar ideas and interests by answering questions. Quora can help you build your online reputation and guide prospects to discover you.

Your aim is to create an inbound marketing strategy that encourages people to discover your product or service online. Quora is the most important platform for this.

How to use Quora

1. Search for content ideas.

Writing high quality content that speaks to your prospects and answers their questions should be part of your marketing strategy. Have you ever wished to get inside your prospects heads to know what they are interested in? Quora lets you do this.
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How to Deal with Negative Reviews

First of all, do not panic. Bad reviews create significant credibility for your positive reviews; they help your customers make a purchase decision. And most important they give you a chance to respond and show how responsive and awesome your business really is.

Negative reviews happen all the time; your task is to make lemonade from them. You should not respond to every negative review you get. However, you must step in when you are able to “own the issue.”

You answer the reviews to show that: you are paying attention to the issue; the issue and the customer are important to you; you are sorry that the problem occured and you want to help. You should communicate your desire to help and solve the problem.
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Start Building Your Google Author Rank Today

In 2013, an important part of an online marketing strategy is to build a strong identity around your content. To implement this tactic you should publish consistently on a regular basis and posts links to your content from a variety of social media platforms. You should aim to publish at least one piece of value-charged content a week for high levels of engagement and lead generation.

The <Titles> of your articles should answer what your audience is searching for. Use Google Keyword Tools and Trends, to ensure popular keywords are included in your articles. However, do not sacrifice a natural language style that will earn you better results than you’d get if it were obvious that you’d been stuffing your content with the right keywords.
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How to Build a Successful Social Media Strategy for Your Business: Creating Your Content

Now when you understand what your goals are for your social media marketing, you should choose the networks to direct your efforts on. First of all, search for your business on various networks to see if you’ve already got a community there. The social network where you find your most vibrant community, is probably where you should start investing your time and resources (keep in mind that, for SEO purposes, Google probably values Google+ activity more than activity elsewhere) .

However, if your company or product is new and has no community, choose a marketing network according to how you might use it. Would visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram make sense for your industry? Should you use YouTube videos to promote your business? How should you integrate your blog and Facebook/Twitter pages? And do the demographics of the social networks match up with your target audience?
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How to Build a Successful Social Media Strategy for Your Business: Setting Your Goals

A lot of companies feel they are wasting time trying to add social media to their marketing mix because they haven’t set goals before diving into social networks. Today just “to be on Facebook” is not enough. You should understand why you are there.

Your activities on social media will depend on your goals.

Before you start defining your objectives, think about your audience goals. What are they interested in? What do they need? What would they like to know about your company? Your social media marketing will be much more effective if you propose something valuable. If you believe that shameless self-promotion will bring you traffic and new customers, forget about social media. Times have changed. Now you must give your audience what they want or die. What they probably want is interesting content.
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