How to Build a Successful Social Media Strategy for Your Business: Setting Your Goals

A lot of companies feel they are wasting time trying to add social media to their marketing mix because they haven’t set goals before diving into social networks. Today just “to be on Facebook” is not enough. You should understand why you are there.

Your activities on social media will depend on your goals.

Before you start defining your objectives, think about your audience goals. What are they interested in? What do they need? What would they like to know about your company? Your social media marketing will be much more effective if you propose something valuable. If you believe that shameless self-promotion will bring you traffic and new customers, forget about social media. Times have changed. Now you must give your audience what they want or die. What they probably want is interesting content.
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Has Article Marketing Been Reborn?

Everybody says that article marketing is dead. But this is not true. The methods have slightly changed, but the concept is still as solid as it was before.

Earlier, submitting one and the same article to a million article directories through automated article submission tools was called “article marketing”. Now this is called “spam”. Search engines now have become more sophisticated in that they, for instance, recognize the age of a website that is getting promoted and garnering lots of links. They understand that a new site cannot get hundreds of links in one night, so mindless automated submission is a red flag for them.
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