Learn SEO with Web CEO

The SEO industry is full of myths and misunderstandings. We know how hard it is to glean truthful information about Google algorithms, on-the-page optimization, natural link building, lead generation and how to improve conversion rates. Therefore we started this blog and we have always supplemented our set of SEO tools – Web CEO Online – with a step by step SEO To Do List, that explains every site promotional step.

What’s more, we have just partnered with Search Engine News to show the latest SEO news, the best digital marketing articles and a time-proven SEO guide within reach. Now you can see the “Learn SEO” link in the top right corner of the Web CEO Online interface.
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Web CEO Affiliate Program: Let Your Website Earn Money for You

One of the easiest ways to start earning money online is to find a product or a service you can resell. To start your online business this way you sometimes have to buy the products that you will sell.

The Web CEO Affiliate Program lets you earn online with no money spent (although we’d still prefer that you use our products yourself). You will get up to 60% commission from every sale referred from your site with no initial costs necessary.

How to start earning with the Web CEO Affiliate Program

  1. Sign up for a partner account, register in the WebCEO Affiliate Program and get access to the affiliate creatives that will help convince your visitors to buy.
  2. Publish a graphic or text link to one of our sites: www.webceo.com (WebCEO Online) or www.webseo.com (WebCEO Desktop).
  3. Refer a user from your site. You will be immediately credited with a corresponding affiliate commission when a user buys a desktop software license or a cloud-based software subscription.
  4. From the 1st through the 14th day of every month, you will get paid the commissions that were earned in the month before the last.

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Offer Expired

Great news for Web CEO Online users!

You can get your subscription period DOUBLED for free if you order a SILVER or a GOLD plan.

Our special offer will end on February 7th, so don’t miss a chance to get the best of breed SEO tools for half the price. To make a secure order, log on to your Web CEO account, go to My Account > Plans & Pricing, and select a desired plan. Once the order is complete, your subscription period will be doubled for free.


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