This major WebCEO update was rolled out on April 1st and we are not kidding!

First of all, we have great news for SEO newbies. Now, in addition to the Do It Yourself SEO Widget, you can download a PDF WebCEO Quick Start Guide to start your website’s promotion immediately.


The guide will take you through the SEO process and provide you with some details about how WebCEO can help you improve your website’s position in search engines.

Keyword Research

We have added the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) to the WebCEO Keyword Research tool. With the help of this index you can easily evaluate the effectiveness of a keyword and evaluate how much traffic it can bring you. The higher the KEI the better, because the search number is relatively high while the competition is relatively low.

Client Reporting

Publishing of branded reports on domain has been discontinued. Now the Client Reporting Tool is used for emailing SEO reports on schedule. We do not intend to take away your opportunity to publish read-only reports. You can publish read-only reports on your own custom domain as a White Label Domain service user. Thus, a new user role ‘Client (read-only reports)’ was added for publishing read-only reports on a white label domain.

The White Label Domain service is available only to Pro Plan subscribers of WebCEO Online. If you have any questions on the White Label Domain service and read-only reports, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help.


The WebCEO API has been improved. To start using our SEO API, you will need to generate an API key and go through the API documentation to learn the commands and parameters that are required to make API calls and get the desired SEO data in response.

WebCEO has also improved the experience you’ll get with the service when you use tablets and mobile devices.

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