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How to Improve your Online Reputation with the Web Buzz Monitoring Tool

To successfully compete for popular keywords on search engines, websites must have a lot of references from other sites pointing to them (backlinks). The quantity and quality of these backlinks are often referred to as a website's backlink profile. A good backlink profile consists of links that are 1) mostly one-way links, 2) coming from a lot of different domains, 3) coming from sites in your industry (Hummingbird now gives you extra points if you're listed beside your competitors), and 4) coming from established and reputed sites.

Online Reputation Management with the Web Buzz Monitoring Tool

social buzz tracker for online reputation management

The Web Buzz Monitoring tool searches for mentions of your most important keywords (including competitor names) on hundreds of thousands of discussion forums, blogs, microblogs, social networks, bookmarks and other sites with communication functions.

Open the Web CEO Dashboard to see how many discussions with your targeted key phrases have been found (the number under the words "Buzz" in the Active Tasks on the 'All Projects' screen). Click on this number to load a report with snapshots and links to the found websites.

We offer you the Web Buzz Monitoring tool primarily as a social media promotion tool, because you can participate in highly relevant conversations and post a link to your site - directly or in a forum signature. Web Buzz Monitoring can play an important role in your web promotion, and, specifically, social media marketing campaigns.

Enter your company name and the brand names you want to track with Web Buzz Monitoring. The tool will then serve as a reputation management tool. The Web Buzz Monitoring number on the 'All Projects' screen will tell you how many feeds you have to look through and - if necessary - respond to. With the WebCEO social media tracker and reputation management tool, you can conduct an analysis of received feeds and interact with what others are writing. Web Buzz Monitoring can become a significant part of your social media marketing campaign.

Use Web Buzz Monitoring tool together with WebCEO's Search Engine Submission Service.

Monitoring Social Media Engagement with the Help of the WebCEO Tools

social buzz tracker for online reputation management

Successful online promotion is impossible without social media presence and popularity. When you interact with social media regularly, you want to be sure you are using it correctly. How do you track your social media ROI? The tool you need is coming soon.

With WebCEO you will be able to monitor how often your content is shared, liked or commented on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The Web CEO Social Mentions tool will also help you analyze your competitors' activities and set realistic benchmarks for your brand.

When you spend a lot of time on a variety of social media channels, you will want to know which ones are driving the most traffic and what drives the most conversions. The WebCEO 'Visits from Social Media' report will show you the number of visitors you are getting and your conversion rate. This information is essential for evaluating your social media marketing efforts.

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WebCEO includes a feature-rich set of website promotion and SEO tools. The Web Buzz Monitoring tool will point you to mentions of the industry-important keywords and your brand words on social sites - networks, blogs, microblogs, discussion forums, bookmark collections, and similar sources of new searched-for content. By participating in such discussions you can control your brand reputation and monitor the social engagement of your competitors.