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WebCEO Backlink Checker: Control your site's backlinks

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How to improve your backlink profile with Web CEO:

  • Automatically detect toxic links and get rid of them via the Google Disavow Tool to avoid negative impact on your backlink profile
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WebCEO offers you a 100% Penguin-proof and effective tool for the best link building strategy. Read how using the Backlink Checker helped our customer to clean up a massive negative SEO attack.

Case Study: cleaning up a massive negative SEO attack

Brian Jackson,
Entrepreneur who loves SEO, SMM, WordPress & Growth Hacking
Last week one of my sites got hacked and I suffered from a huge negative SEO attack. The hack itself was primarily my fault as I was running an out-of-date WordPress theme from 2008. The theme developer no longer supports it and I haven’t had the time to migrate the site to a new theme. The hacker managed to insert some PHP spamming “viagra” everywhere. They also managed to hack a network of other sites, 204 domains to be exact all with “viagra” terms in the anchor text against my domain (thousands of backlinks). Good thing I use Web CEO and am constantly checking my backlink profile, otherwise I would have never caught it. Continue >>