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Keyword research checklist

Keyword Research as an SEO Starting Point

Keyword search is the first thing you start thinking about when considering traffic from search engines. Keyword analysis must precede any serious search engine optimization work. This fact becomes obvious when you dive in: you can't take the first keyword that occurs to you in connection with your business, and optimize the web pages accordingly. If you try to optimize your site for a very popular keyword, you will hardly receive any traffic from search engines, taking into consideration that the competition for this keyword is monstrous and your new page has no chance to appear among the top 30.

If you then re-optimize your site for a less competitive keyword like your company name, you have another problem: you receive no traffic, because no one types your company name in search engines to find your site, except probably yourself and your friends. Failing to spot which keywords will bring a good volume of targeted visitors may definitely have a far-reaching effect on your business. Having learned that lesson, you are on the right path now – you are now looking for a decent keyword research strategy and tool that will point to the best keywords, i.e. the terms that are both moderately competitive and frequently used by your prospects to find the goods or services they need.

Why is the Keyword Research Checklist recommended?

WebCEO offers several SEO Checklists, and among them there is one that will help SEO beginners to efficiently conduct keyword research and selection. The obvious benefits from using this Checklist are:

  • The checklist is a detailed step-by step plan of how to research keywords and build a list of the best keywords.
  • You will obtain very short and to-the-point instructions that will help you understand various winning strategies in keyword research, i.e. what keyword combinations are better to select, and why.
  • You will understand how to use WebCEO's Keyword Research Tool efficiently.
  • The checklist also includes tips on how to refine or sort the keyword list and leave only the best keywords there.
  • After the keyword list is finalized, you should implement an SEO strategy to build and/or optimize your website pages for the selected keywords.

The Keyword Research Checklist is better to use together with the WebCEO Keyword Tool.

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Use WebCEO to make the sophisticated task of keyword search and analysis easy

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