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Search Engine Submission Checklist

The Evolution of Search Engine and Directory Submissions

Search engine submission is the most practical part of SEO following Website Audit, SEO analysis and SEO advice implementation. This is why SEO has long been associated primarily with the search engine submission services offered by SEO companies. Submission had been considered a must do, but it was a time-consuming and boring task until search engine submission software was invented.

However, very soon SEOs started abusing it. The reputation of all search engine submission software was seriously compromised. These days, SEO companies that offer automated submissions as their primary service are completely behind the times.

However, submission of information about your website and your business is still necessary in many instances, so it should remain an integral part of your SEO strategy.

The main reason behind website submission to search engines and directories is links rather than traffic generating. The major search engines have a chance to pick up your site if they find links to it on other sites or if you have submitted a Sitemap. But directories, unlike Google, won't include your site unless you submit information. The same applies to most local search projects that will discover your site only if you submit its pages to those search engines.

In the social media era, modern submission software will not only submit sites to directories and local search engines, but submit Sitemaps, blogs, news, articles, and press releases on social media sites and specialized (blogs, social media, shopping) search engines.

Search Engine Submission Checklist: Get Your Business Information Listed on Many Sites

WebCEO recommends the Submission Checklist, first and foremost, as an action plan for registration of your website information in many web-based media. Follow this plan, submit websites to search engines and checkmark the steps that you have completed.

Use the online Search Engine Submission service as a helpful source of information about sites where you can submit your website profile data and other materials that will help you with backlinks. Moreover, this service includes tools that will help you successfully cope with the most tedious tasks.

Why the Web CEO Search Engine Submission Software is Most Efficient

Here are the types of sites that Web CEO helps you find and get registered with (while hopefully creating valid backlinks for your site):

  • Search engines and directories that accept automated submissions;
  • Search engines that require account creation, to which you can submit only manually;
  • Web directories that require account creation, so you can submit to them only manually;
  • Web-based Yellow Pages and other local business directories;
  • Pay-for-placement directories;
  • Shopping search engines;
  • Article Directories;
  • Press release service sites;
  • Freeware/shareware download sites;
  • Affiliate Program Directories;
  • Blog search engines and directories;
  • Blog community sites;
  • RSS Feed Directories.

Web CEO can make one more important task to improve your website's visibility in search engines - it will create your Sitemap and submit it to all of the major search engines that now accept Sitemaps.

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Easily cope with all of the mind-numbing search engine submission routines in a couple of clicks

Submit your website to search engines - Web CEO offers you a respectable number (200+) of search engines where you can send your website information in automated and manual modes. Improve your site's link popularity also by submitting your articles, news, press releases, affiliate program, products and blogs to directories and community sites. Keep track of completed submission tasks using the Search Engine Submission Checklist.