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Check Your Core Web Vitals with a WebCEO Site Audit

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Monitor Core Web Vitals

Be sure to check Core Web Vitals for both the desktop and mobile versions of your website pages. The result for CLS, LCP & FID metrics may be 'good', 'needs improvement' or 'poor'.

As for LCP - an individual page’s content must load in less than 2.5 seconds. An FID of 100 milliseconds and lower is perfect. A good CLS will be below 0.1.

Your pages need to be within the green measurements for all three Core Web Vitals to get the full benefit of any ranking boost (plus great content, of course!)

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Fix Core Web Vitals and Other Issues that Damage Your Site Rankings

If any improvements are needed, you'll find the answers below the report in the 'Optimization opportunities' section. Google recommends fixing everything labeled “Poor” first, then prioritize those issues that affect your most important URLs.

You may need to:

  • Reduce JavaScript execution
  • Optimize and compress images
  • Minify your CSS
  • Avoid multiple page redirects
  • Implement lazy loading
  • Optimizae and Reduce Fonts
  • Reduce your page size
  • Consider using AMP
  • Minimize site trackers and analytics
  • Upgrade your web host

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A 14-day Trial. No credit card required

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Glenn Blackman
Before using the WebCEO platform I had tried a few tools for scanning our website, to ensure that it was search engine friendly. Nothing was as comprehensive as WebCEO. Being able to trial the service for free allowed me to try it out and the decision to buy was a “no brainer”. Read more >
Glenn Blackman, a partner at FundInvoice LLP

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