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WebCEO Pricing

Choose your plan and delegate SEO routines to WebCEO
Most popular
Plan Agency Unlimited Agency Fixed Corporate Startup Free
Active projects
($2 per project / mo)
50 25 5 2
Keywords in Rank Tracker
($0.004 per query)
2,000 per account 500 per account 200 per account 6 per account
SERP scan depth in Rank Tracker 10 pages 5 pages 3 pages 3 pages 1 page
Pages to crawl with Technical Audit & SEO Analysis tools
(max 50,000 per project)
(max 25,000 per project)
(max 5,000 per project)
(max 1,000 per project)
(max 20 per project)
Backlinks analyzed for your projects with the Backlink Quality Checker
(max 50,000 per project)
2,500,000 per account
(max 50,000 per project)
150,000 per account
(max 6,000 per project)
10,000 per account
(max 2,000 per project)
40 per account
(max 20 per project)
Competitor backlinks analyzed
(max 50,000 competitor backlinks per domain;
up to 10 domains to compare)
250,000 per account
(max 1,000 competitor backlinks per domain;
up to 4 domains to compare)
125,000 per account
(max 1,000 competitor backlinks per domain;
up to 4 domains to compare)
15,000 per account
(max 600 competitor backlinks per domain;
up to 4 domains to compare)
Keywords monitored by the Web Buzz Monitoring tool
(max 20 per project)
1000 per account
(max 20 per project)
250 per account
(max 10 per project)
25 per account
(max 5 per project)
4 per account
(max 2 per project)
SEO Leads
(express SEO audits of prospects' sites)
(5 per day are free. $0.49 for each lead over this limit)
15 per day
5 per day
5 per day
1 per day
An SEO audit button on your website yes no no no no
Branded SEO reports (PDF) yes yes yes yes yes
Multi-user access yes yes yes yes no
Manual report scanning anytime anytime anytime anytime once a day
Automated report scanning daily weekly weekly weekly no
API access yes yes
no no no
Branded SEO tools
(on a custom domain)
Learn more
(limited: scan limits are not applied to your projects)
no no no
Regular price
$99/ mo
+ extra scanning costs
$499/ mo $199/ mo $99/ mo Free
Super-Saver Price (valid with a yearly subscription) $375/ mo $149/ mo $75/ mo
WebCEO Quick Start Guide
A Short Guide On How To Work
With Your Site Using WebCEO

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