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White Label SEO Tools For Agencies

  • For In-House SEO Teams
    Run white label SEO tools in-house and let your employees assume these tools are proprietary.
  • For Digital Marketing Agencies
    Provide your clients with branded SEO reports and SEO tools hosted on your own domain with no mention of WebCEO.
  • For Software Resellers
    Resell SEO tools powered by WebCEO but look as if you developed them on your own.
White Label SEO Platform

What is a White Label SEO Platform?

Resell white label SEO tools

White Label SEO Software allows customers to “privatize” SEO tools on a platform of their own with their own branding. With WebCEO’s white label functionality, you can resell our SEO tools under your company’s name on a custom domain or a sub-domain like seo.yoursite.com.

The process is fully legal and your clients will never know that this is not an original service because of your brand customization: a private logo, header, footer and color scheme.

Your clients and coworkers will be able to log on to collaborate on projects or operate the private white label SEO tools for their own projects themselves.

Your clients can also log on with just read-only access rights to view live white label SEO reports at any time. Read-only users have no access to settings and scanning triggers.

What Are the Ways to Benefit from White Label SEO Tools with the WebCEO Platform?

Avoid the costs of developing SEO tools themselves. Get a turn-key, branded SEO platform that can be seamlessly integrated into your business model. WebCEO has experienced several profitable implementations of the white label SEO audit tools:

Resell SEO tools inside Hosting or CMS packages as an added-value offering.
Here's how it works:
  1. Configure a custom subdomain to run your own SEO tools on your own website or place a link to your newly created SEO tools domain in your interface.
  2. Use Single Sign On (SSO) and our API to implement automatic user authorization to those who are already logged in to your interface.
  3. Grant your cloud app subscribers access to your own branded white label SEO dashboard as a major addition to your product offering.
Resell SEO tools to website owners or big agencies.
Here's how it works:
  1. Configure a custom subdomain to run your own SEO tools on your own website.
  2. Build different levels of access to your white label SEO dashboard and scan limits.
  3. Create landing pages on your website and promote the white label SEO platform under your brand. Let other agencies know they can send reports from your platform with their own branding on them.
WebCEO will bill you the standard Agency Unlimited fee of $2 per month for each active project on your custom white label domain, and you will be able to develop your own systems of payment and restrictions for customers.
Provide your customers with web-based live SEO reports.
Here's how it works:
  1. Configure a custom subdomain to publish live SEO reports on your own website.
  2. Add users with read-only access and publish live white label website audit reports for them.
Your customers will have access to their SEO reports any time and from any computer on the Web.
Generate leads for your products or services.
Here's how it works:
  1. Configure a custom subdomain to run your own white label SEO audit tools on your own website.
  2. Provide limited free access to the SEO tools for newcomers to your website, including white label SEO rank checking.
This is a great way to get qualified leads.
WebCEO will bill you only $2 and charge per lead this way.
Run white label SEO tools in-house and let your employees assume they are proprietary.
Here's how it works:
  1. Configure a custom subdomain to run your own white label SEO platform on your own website.
  2. Brand the private label SEO tools with your logo and design.
  3. Build different levels of access to the tools and provide your employees and partners with access as if the tools were developed by your own company.
You will get a full set of administrative tools for successful management of your in-house SEO platform.
Flourish in your local SEO market with your own branded SEO platform in your own language.
Here's how it works:
  1. Configure a custom subdomain to run the white label SEO analysis tools on your own website.
  2. Use the Crowd Translation Center to translate the WebCEO tools and reports to your own language or that of your customers.
  3. Customize the WebCEO interface with your logo and corporate colors.
  4. Provide these white label SEO analysis tools on your own domain as if you developed them yourself!


No credit card required

How Does the White Label Domain Feature Work?

The White Label Domain feature is available to Agency Unlimited subscribers of the WebCEO cloud-based SEO tools. Once you subscribe to an Agency Unlimited service plan, you will get access to the White Label Domain configuration window:

  1. Fill in the domain name (e.g. seo.domain.com) that you would like to have for running SEO tools and/or publishing web-based read-only SEO reports.
  2. In the domain's DNS zone file, add a CNAME entry pointing your custom SEO domain to reportsharing.com (one of our domains).
  3. Enter the name of your service that will be deployed in the domain elements (titles, greetings, forms, etc.).
  4. Specify the support email address for notifications that will be arriving from users of your domain should they want to reach you with any enquiries.
WebCEO White Label Domain settings

WebCEO Online SEO Tools Logo

  • The WebCEO White Label SEO Software has been operating 11 years for our partners to maximize their earnings with minimal expense. We offer you a confidential service where we shall neither divulge our brand name to your customers, nor attempt to solicit them directly.
  • You will have a full set of administration tools to manage your users, control limits and your SEO tools.
  • We are open to your suggestions and ready to help: our professional technical support and assistance will intelligently settle all issues that may arise during the setup and operation of your White Label Domain service, with no delays and at the highest quality level.
Allen MacCannell
Contact Allen MacCannell, VP Sales & Partnerships, at

White Label SEO Platform FAQ

How will the payment occur? What will I pay for?

Your payment will be $20/month over the Agency Unlimited plan’s basic monthly fee + scanning fees you can control via Scan Limit Profiles.

To be clear, you will pay for:

  • The Agency Unlimited Plan - $99/mo or $83/mo if paid annually;
  • The White Label Domain Feature - $20/mo;
  • $2 per each active project your customers will add;
  • Standard scanning fees of $4 per 1,000 rank queries and 40 cents per 1,000 backlinks found, which you can calculate easily on our website. The peculiarity of this system is in its discounts: the more you scan, the bigger discount. Scanning fees don’t depend on the prices you will set for your customers; they will be calculated based solely on WebCEO’s pricing.

How will I get revenue by switching to the White Label SEO Platform?

By activating the White Label Domain feature, you will become a master of your own platform. Thus, you will be able to set your own pricing system capable of reimbursing the cost of the WebCEO services and bringing you profits. Month by month, your income will get higher due to an increasing number of customers and decreasing expenses on WebCEO (volume discount).

Will I be able to switch the White Label Domain Feature off? What will I work with in this case?

You will be able to easily switch the White Label Domain off in the White Label section. After this, you would log on to online.webceo.com as an ordinary user and your sub-users can still create their own free accounts at webceo.com to gain Teamwork access. If you decide to re-activate your White Label Domain, your settings will be restored.

What if I don’t pay on time?

We provide a 2 week grace period to submit payment. After this, you will be downgraded to the “read-only” regime. If you can’t pay for variable fees but have a long subscription period left, you will not be switched to “read-only” after 2 weeks, as only your projects will be temporarily de-activated.

Will my customers see that I use a White Label Domain?

No, they won’t unless you decide to announce this. After switching to a White Label Domain, you will customize the “newly created” platform according to your preferences. Any signs of WebCEO’s authorship will be eliminated. You will get a brandless SEO platform where you can add your brand name, colors and other parameters.