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A Penguin-Proof Toxic Backlink Checker Powered by WebCEO

To ensure your site doesn't fall under Google's Penguin penalty, do check it regularly with WebCEO's Backlink Checker. WebCEO will help you easily discover potentially toxic links, review and analyze them in batch mode and do link removals with the help of Google's disavow tool.

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Toxic Links Tool

How exactly does the WebCEO Toxic Links tool help you?

  • 1. Find all potentially harmful links:

    Scan your site with the WebCEO Backlink Checker (Backlink Profile > My Backlinks) and go to the 'Toxic Pages' report. Here you will see the links you may want to remove via the Google Disavow tool after you investigate them carefully.

  • 2. Review all toxic links carefully:

    The WebCEO Toxic Pages report uses comprehensive Majestic data and backs it up with a special toxicity formula for you to detect harmful links easily. Check the details explaining why the link is suspected to be toxic. Export a list of toxic links. Now you can try to contact linking sites and ask them to remove the link.

  • 3. Report selected links to Google

    If there are still some links that you cannot get removed, check them and click 'Report selected links to Google'. You will be led through the disavowing process. The aim of the Toxic Pages report is to clean up your backlink profile.

  • 4. Keep your backlink profile clean

    Schedule the WebCEO Backlink Checker to run the backlink profile quality report automatically. Be sure at all times that your business is secure from future Google Penguin updates.

And get rid of all spammy unnatural links right away!