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Multilingual SEO Reports

WebCEO is used in 190+ countries

Say the words “mother tongue” and feel how they resonate with something very dear to you. While English is used as a lingua franca in the modern SEO world, the real world is diverse. If you have non-English clients, you have a great chance to make them even happier.

How? Simply by providing them with SEO reports in a language they love.

Use the Power of the WebCEO Community

Web CEO in Brazilian Portuguese

We are proud to say that WebCEO is used in 196 countries. That is why we have developed our Crowd Translation Tool, with 140+ languages available for translation, from Acholi to Yoruba. This feature is available for all the WebCEO subscription plans.

The translations are made by the Web CEO community within a wiki. The interface and reports have already been translated to many languages (for example, Brazilian Portuguese – 99.9%, Spanish – 88.1 %, Italian - 83.8 %, Dutch - 73.5 % and so on). As we release new features and enhancements regularly, new phrases appear in the Translation tool; thus the percentages fluctuate.

So, if you want to win your local SEO market by offering SEO services to clients who don’t use English, this is the way for you: use the ready translations or edit them to your liking and become the best SEO service provider in your area.

Translate a Single Report

What if the English interface and reports are fine for you, but you want to translate just one specific SEO report? You can do this easily with the Translation mode enabled (it becomes available once you have added at least one language).

Open the report of your choice and use the pencil icons next to each word or phrase. To make sure that everything is correct, click “Print Preview” before sending your report – the editing mode works there as well!

Web CEO in Brazilian Portuguese

What Benefits You Get with Our Crowd Translation Center

  • You can use somebody else’s translation

    The translation is made by the Web CEO community as part of a wiki. Thus, you won’t necessarily be the first to translate the interface or reports to your chosen language. You will see the percentage of a completed translation after you have added a language, and will see how many contributors are involved (e.g. Spanish: 88.0 % translated, 16 translators).

  • Interactive translation mode within the interface

    With the translation mode enabled you will see the “edit” pencil-shaped icons near each phrase of a tool or report you want to translate. This mode helps you understand the context of the phrase. The untranslated phrase icons are colored in orange for you to notice them quickly.

  • Translate a specific Web CEO tool of your choice

    If you want to translate specific tools and reports and don't want to be distracted by the translation mode while using other tools, you can go to the Translation Tool settings and uncheck the tools you won’t be translating. The translation process will be modified as well.

  • Handy filters and the Search option

    A set of filters in the Translation tool will help you find exactly what you need: say, you want to translate just the Technical Audit tool’s report. First, filter by a tool; second, select “Reports only”; third, select “Untranslated phrases” and here they are: we show how many phrases meet the query.

  • Become the best local SEO service provider

    If you regularly send translated reports, let it be your unique competitive advantage. With the White Label domain set up, run your own branded SEO platform in your own language and become a local SEO "unicorn"!

And Access Multilingual reports