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Looking for a Worthy Semrush Alternative?
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Consider migrating to WebCEO, the all-in-one marketing platform, loved by 1,500,000+ businesses since 2000. User collaboration. Branded reports. At no extra cost.
No credit card required
WebCEO Interface, Project Dashboard

Unique features of WebCEO:

User collaboration at no extra cost
Report branding with your logo and style
A comprehensive SEO API at no extra cost
370+ search engines to check rankings on (+ YouTube)
Keyword database updates with each user query
Multitargeting in Rank Tracker with any plan
The real monthly search trends for your keywords
White-label SEO tools on your own domain with no mention of WebCEO
Users can send reports to their clients with no limits in any paid plan

WebCEO Has Been Top-Rated by:

An irrefutable WebCEO advantage is that, at no extra cost, your team can have 5 extra users.
You can save more than 50% annually compared to Semrush

Monthly prices Annual prices
Semrush Pro
WebCEO Startup
per every additional user
Free up to 5 extra users
for 5 users
Semrush Guru
WebCEO Corporate
per every additional user
Free up to 10 extra users
for 10 users
Semrush Business
WebCEO Agency Unlimited
per every additional user
+ scanning fees
Free up to 5 extra users
+ scanning fees
for 5 users

Whether you are a large digital agency or a successful startup – choose a solution with rich built-in functionality, no hidden costs and a pay-as-you-go model.

WebCEO is the best Semrush alternative because it is very similar in terms of features and overall functionality. You will get more for less.

Additional users to collaborate with

Any Semrush subscription allows only one email address to be logged in at a single time. Each additional Semrush user costs you an extra $45/mo, $80/mo or $100/mo with Semrush, while WebCEO allows you to work with your team at no extra cost with all plans except the Solo Plan. Startup and Agency Unlimited subscribers can add 5 free extra users, Corporate subscribers can add 10 free extra users. Agency Unlimited subscribers may add unlimited number of additional users at only $5/mo per user after the first 5 free users.

WebCEO vs Semrush | Additional users to collaborate with

Compare Semrush to WebCEO

Plans & Pricing

Pro - $129.95/mo

Guru - $249.95/mo

Business - $499.95/mo

Solo - $37/mo

Startup - $99/mo

Agency – $99/mo+

Corporate - $299/mo

Free Trial


7 days Free Trial

credit card required


14 days Free trial

no credit card required

Free multi-user access
no yes
Additional user cost

$45/mo - $100/mo per each user

$5/mo per each user

Branded reports


+$69-149/mo to any paid subscription


from $99/mo plan

A white-label SEO platform on a custom domain



SEO tools with your own logo, header, footer and custom design at seo.yourdomain.com

Scheduled report emailing


Limited number of reports:

PRO – 5 reports/mo,

GURU – 20 reports/mo,

BUSINESS – 50 reports/mo.


Unlimited reports per month

Report export formats



API cost

Only for Business ($499.95/mo) subscribers

+ purchase of API units

Only for Agency Unlimited subscribers

No extra costs for API

An all-in-one SEO report which combines data from all tools
yes yes
Competitors investigation
yes yes
Rank tracker: local search engines

Google and Baidu

Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, Baidu, DuckDuckGo + other search engines

Local ranking check
specific to a city or zip code



(checking rankings for multiple devices and locations for the same project)

Available in Guru ($249.95/mo) and higher

Available in all plans
Mobile rank check
yes yes
Rank tracker: scan history
yes yes
Instant ranking check
no yes
Keyword research tool: Keyword data sources
Clickstream Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Suggest, Related Searches, People Also Ask, Google Search Console, spy on competitors
Keyword research tool: Keyword database freshness
updated once a month update with each user query
Backlink quality tool
yes yes
Majestic backlink data for free



Backlink management tool
(track earned partner links, disappeared/modified links)
yes yes
Link disinfection tool
yes yes
Traffic analysis: integration with Google Analytics
yes yes
Integration with Google Ads
yes yes
Integration with Looker Studio


available with the Guru $249.95/mo and higher plans


available with the Agency Unlimited $99+/mo plan

Integration with Google Business Profile
yes yes
Integration with Google Search Console
yes yes
SEO Audit: On-page and Off-page SEO factors influencing rankings
yes yes
Tech Audit: Site health and usability check
yes yes
Social Engagement Metrics



Social citations of your page in social networks
Twitter, Instagram, Forums, Web Facebook, Pinterest, News and Blogs, Social Visits
Sitemap Generator
no yes
SEO lead generation tools
yes yes
Live chat support
yes yes
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Why our customers prefer WebCEO over Semrush:

Colm Sharkley
I have used SEMrush and SE Ranking previously. However, each time I found the variety and reliability of WebCEO, combined with the competitive pricing, the best solution.
Colm Sharkey, Digital Marketing Director at Blue Shark Digital