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Branded SEO Reports

WebCEO reports

Showing the progress of your SEO campaigns is vital if you want to satisfy and retain high-paying clients. "What have you done for me lately?" is a question you may have heard from your clients many times. Clients want to see the progress of your SEO activities.

You will want to provide them with well-designed and individually branded SEO reports on a schedule.
The WebCEO Automatic Report Mailing tool is just what you need.

Automatic Report Mailing Tool

PDF Report Branding Settings

The Automatic Report Mailing tool is one of the tools that are in high demand with SEO and Web marketing agencies subscribed to the WebCEO cloud-based SEO tools. The Automatic Report Mailing tool allows you to create tasks for emailing customized SEO reports to clients that feature a specific appearance (logo, header, footer, color scheme).

WebCEO provides multi-functional branded SEO reports that can be delivered to your clients in several ways:

The integration of key performance data in one solid branded SEO report is crucial for the recognition of your SEO performance by a client. With the WebCEO SEO tools you can provide your clients with reports on the keywords you've researched, keyword rankings, backlinks, website errors, site SEO issues, social media buzz, etc.

The Automatic Report Mailing tool and the individually branded SEO reports are available in all the service plans of WebCEO. The subscribers of the Agency Unlimited service plan can also provide their clients with web-based branded reports on their own custom domain.

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Scheduled Scanning of Websites

Automation of SEO reporting is a time-saving advantage that allows you to multi-task and increases the efficiency of your SEO campaigns. WebCEO provides you with mechanisms to schedule both the scanning of your websites and the subsequent mailing of SEO reports.

You can instruct WebCEO to perform scheduled scans of your websites with a frequency from once a day to once a quarter. The frequency of the scanning you can perform depends on your subscription (you can find more details on the pricing page).

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WebCEO Scan Schedule
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Scheduled mailing of White Label SEO Reports

WebCEO Consolidated Report Settings

Once the automatic scanning of a client's website is scheduled, you can add a client to the Automatic Report Mailing tool and configure the delivery of the white label SEO reports. Each of your clients' SEO reports can be set to be emailed on a schedule. You can customize a sending mail server (SMTP) to make sure that the SEO reports are dispatched from your servers. This is very important for white label reports sent by email. You can also customize a cover letter to compose an appealing message for a particular client. All of the above-mentioned options are not available to subscribers of the Free Trial.

Publishing of White Label SEO Reports

White label SEO reports can be published on a custom white label domain in the form of live read-only reports. Your clients can easily get access to your reports any time from any computer in the world. They just log on to your white label domain and view SEO reports based on when you last scheduled them to be scanned. You can apply one white label profile to all clients or create an individual white label profile for every client.

When you provide your clients with a website project dashboard, you will give them the awesome feeling of being in the driver's seat. They can watch the progress of your SEO activities live and feel like they're doing things with you "hands on". Both live online SEO reports and a view of a project dashboard are great in terms of client retention and for tracking any issues that pop up. They give your clients a feeling that the SEO reports are produced by your own online SEO tools, which raises the credibility of your SEO services. The ability to publish reports on a custom domain is available within the White Label Domain feature that costs $20.00 per month above the regular Agency Unlimited service plan subscription and scan costs.

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WebCEO Sample Project Dashboard