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An SEO Backlink Checker Tool for the Post-Penguin Era

Use the best-of-breed SEO Backlink Checker powered by WebCEO to ensure your backlinks are powerful, relevant, diverse and Hummingbird-friendly. Discover toxic links that may result in a Google Penguin penalty and conduct link removal ASAP.

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Backlink Checker Tool

What You Get With the Web CEO Backlink Quality Check

  • Linking Pages:

    With the "Linking Pages" report you will get a full list of all incoming links to your website found by Majestic. Domain Trust Flow and other link authority factors will help you determine whether a given link is good for your link profile.

  • Linking Domains Diversity:

    Search engines are sure that 1 link from 100 domains is better, than 100 links from one domain. Use the 'Linking Domain' report to check whether the linking domains are diverse enough to prove your website's authority.

  • Link Texts:

    Analyze what texts are used in your backlinks often. The link texts help search engines to understand what your website is about. Remember that too many exact matching link texts may look spammy.

  • Most Linked Pages:

    Know what pages of your site have the most backlinks. These pages may have the highest ranking positions and bring significant amount of visitors. Consider optimizing these pages better for quicker conversions.

  • Competitor Link Profile:

    Compare the number of your total backlinks, the diversity of linking domains, number of .GOV and .EDU domains links and nofollow links that pass no link juice to the linked pages with your competitors' metrics.

  • Widgets:

    The Backlink Quality Check widgets help you quickly estimate the number of backlinks pointing to your site, the diversity of linking domains, their value and toxicity. Be notified about any link profile changes so you can react as quickly as possible.

And start building high quality backlinks!