How an Ex-Marketer Recovered from Burnout and Launched a Successful Business

Guy Siverson was a self-employed marketer in the past. He used to do everything by himself: SEO, Social Media, Videos and more. He couldn’t maintain the stress in a healthy way. One day he found himself with a BP of 200/100. It was obvious Guy needed to take a retreat.

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10 SEO Tips for Online Marketers to Prepare for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again. Saint Valentine’s Day is coming next week! With all sorts of drama breaking out, it has its own special meaning for everyone. And digital marketers, with their not-so-romantic but still noble motives, are no exception.

In this modern age, most shopping is done online, and Valentine’s Day tends to drive people to buy something nice for someone else. It wouldn’t be half as fun otherwise. But online shopping overtaking offline means that digital marketers can’t afford to relax. When a wave of customers is coming after products like yours, it’s time to bring out the tools, turn your brain on and give your website’s SEO some tuning before it’s too late!

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WebCEO Update: Get More Data from Your SEO Analytics Tools
WebCEO updates its SEO analytics tools.

Can you imagine the Internet without any websites at all? I’m pretty sure science fiction has already explored such a concept, so I won’t be coming up with any original ideas. In any case, I visualize it as one big information hub where you get just one answer for your request instead of many – and the more detailed your request, the better the result.

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The 21 Best SEO Tools for 2020 Vision

How long have you been on the Internet? Long enough to understand what it is and how specific things work? You might have already caught the trick: the Internet is not a constant thing; it’s not the same as it was twenty years ago. The only constant thing about it – the Internet is changing every minute. Websites are getting better or worse, outdated by their appearance or the data they present. Their quantity is growing second by second and the competition for a user’s attention is getting more serious.

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SEO Trends for 2020: What to Follow in the Coming Year

2020 is almost here, which means that the time for setting SEO benchmarks and writing to-do lists has come. The beginning of a new year always requires not only a never-ending list of wishes to be fulfilled but also a lot of research, as there is a necessity to learn what will actually be trending over the next 365 days. 

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