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SEO for Podcasts in 10 Steps: How to Rank #1
by  | December 2, 2021

Podcasts have it rough. As a medium, they have to compete with much more popular videos and blogs. Most people don’t even stumble upon a podcast unless they are deliberately looking for one. Yet the fight goes on, and here…

Anchor Texts for SEO: The Art of Getting Clicks
by  | November 18, 2021

To click or not to click, that is the question. There would be no Internet without hyperlinks. Despite (or maybe because of) them being such a core part of our daily Net surfing, we don’t usually give them much thought….

10 Tips for Building an SEO-Friendly Site Navigation
by  | November 18, 2021

What new bloggers and site owners might not know is user experience is one of the factors of ranking a website on Google search results. And especially now that most of the world is going online for all their needs,…

What’s in SEO: How to Get Featured Snippets for Your Site
by  | November 1, 2021

It feels like featured snippets have been with us forever. Depending on when you became an Internet user, it may very well be true for you: Google introduced them back in 2014. Believe it or not, many would like to…

SEO Competitor Analysis: Moving Up the Food Chain in 10 Steps
by  | October 19, 2021

It’s great to have your own website. Even more so when it’s more than just a hobby to you. A serious project with a clear purpose to make someone’s life better – I think everybody should attempt this at least…

Mobile SEO in 12 Steps: Get Optimized for 2021
by  | October 13, 2021

In 2021, the typical consumer in the USA spends 161 minutes per day on a mobile device. Why do we need mobile SEO with laptops and PCs still around? Simple. Just like laptops and PCs, phones aren’t going anywhere. Pretty…

New Google Update: What Happened to Everyone’s Page Titles?
by  | September 17, 2021

Have you checked how your site appears in search results lately? Noticed anything strange? If you did, you weren’t the only one. That’s what normally happens when Google experiments with its algorithm. The final days of August 2021 marked more…