SEO Trends for 2020: What to Follow in the Coming Year

2020 is almost here, which means that the time for setting SEO benchmarks and writing to-do lists has come. The beginning of a new year always requires not only a never-ending list of wishes to be fulfilled but also a lot of research, as there is a necessity to learn what will actually be trending over the next 365 days. 

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10 Christmas Wishes for 2020 from WebCEO for Your SEO

Merry Christmas to all your homes and home pages!

Have you already cooked your Christmas turkey? Or do you prefer ham with cranberry sauce? The time flies way too fast, as eggnog is already waiting to be drunk and colorful lights are blinking on the walls and Christmas tree, spreading the holiday spirit to every corner. Santa will soon be by your chimney carrying his bag full of presents and dreams that will come true in 2020!

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[Updated] A Full Overview of Google Algorithm Updates

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Google Search Algorithm Updates always were, are, and, we suppose, will be something that strikes some fear into the hearts of webmasters who care about their site rankings. Google plays hardball, webmasters play whack-a-mole.

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A Step by Step Guide to Social Media Optimization

Part III: Track Your Success


We’ve come to the last but not least part of our social media optimization journey. Today you will learn how to analyze the results of your social media optimization campaign and what instruments you might need for this task.

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A Step by Step Guide to Social Media Optimization

Part II: Writing a Post


In the previous part of the article we discussed the following points of social media optimization:

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