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Medical SEO Guide: Just What the Doctor Ordered
by  | February 22, 2021

Help your patients quickly find your health facility in Google. Read about these medical SEO tips and apply them to your site.

12 SEO Tips for Online Marketers to Prepare for Valentine’s Day
by  | January 28, 2021

It’s that time of the year again. Saint Valentine’s Day is coming! With all sorts of drama breaking out, it has its own special meaning for everyone. And digital marketers, with their not-so-romantic but still noble motives, are no exception.

[New Guide] 15 Stratagems to Boost Your CTR in Google
by  | January 26, 2021

When your site appears in Google for any search query, it’s called an impression. Then what is click-through rate (or CTR)? It’s the number of clicks on your search results divided by the number of impressions, and then multiplied by…

Static Website vs Dynamic Website: What Exactly Do You Need?
by  | December 31, 2020

A static or dynamic website? What is the best variant for your business and its SEO? Everything depends on what you want to provide your users with. Check what corresponds with your reality!

13 Essential Tools for SEO Content Writing
by  | November 11, 2020

Well-written content sells. The good thing about the harsh modern world is that there are tools to help you make your writing more interesting – and therefore lead to more conversions. They are SEO copywriting tools, and they can make…

10 Tips for Building an SEO-Friendly Site Navigation
by  | October 29, 2020

What new bloggers and site owners might not know is user experience is one of the factors of ranking a website on Google search results. And especially now that most of the world is going online for all their needs,…

Anchor Texts for SEO: The Art of Getting Clicks
by  | October 7, 2020

To click or not to click, that is the question. There would be no Internet without hyperlinks. Despite (or maybe because of) them being such a core part of our daily Net surfing, we don’t usually give them much thought….

Mobile SEO in 12 Steps: Get Optimized for 2021
by  | October 2, 2020

Why do we need mobile SEO with laptops and PCs still around? Simple. Just like laptops and PCs, phones aren’t going anywhere. Pretty much everyone has a phone these days, which is how mobile devices drive nearly half of global…