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Build Relevant Authority Backlinks via Competitor Intelligence

Use WebCEO’s Competitor Backlink Spy Tool to get an exhaustive list of your competitors’ backlinks. Use important metrics provided by WebCEO to analyze and sort them all. Earn analogous backlinks, brand mentions or citations from the potential backlink donors to increase your link popularity.

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WebCEO Competitor Backlink Spy Tool

What You Get with the WebCEO Backlink Spy

  • Up to 10 Competitors to Spy On:

    Add up to 10 competitors with high search engine rankings to reverse engineer their backlink building tactics and outrank them easily.

  • Linking Pages Analysis:

    Evaluate the quality of pages linking to your competitors. Start your link building with the pages that have high page authority factors and link to two or more competitors because they will bring the most value.

  • Backlink Opportunities:

    Research what kind of competitor-generated content gets the most backlinks (reviews, infographics, how-to articles, etc.). Consider creating content of the same type to get more natural backlinks.

  • Citation Building:

    Citations are "links without links" that help your pages to rank better. Contact website owners who mentioned your competitors. It's quite possible that you can get mentioned there too.

  • Automated Checks on a Schedule:

    Schedule the Competitor Backlink Spy report to run automatically weekly, monthly or quarterly to be sure your competitor information is up-to-date.

  • Branded Reports:

    Get your professional-looking reports fully customized (add your own logo, header and footer, choose a color scheme) and delivered by email automatically.

And start building high quality backlinks!