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Agency SEO Tools

  • Automate your SEO tasks for hundreds of clients
  • Use a white-label SEO platform on your own domain
  • Collaborate with your marketing team efficiently
  • Wow clients with impressive reports and results
  • Scale up your business with lead generation tools

Professional SEO Tools for Agencies & SEO Teams

What You Get with the WebCEO SEO Platform

  • 23 agency SEO tools

    Use 23 tools for keyword research, rank tracking, SEO audits, backlink analysis, competitor research, social media analysis and PPC tracking.
  • Powerful SEO teamwork facilities

    Manage hundreds of client sites easily and collaborate with your SEO team thanks to WebCEO’s teamwork tools and automated tasks.
  • LIVE keyword ranking data

    Instead of using cached results provided by some SEO reporting tools or average results from Google Search Console, enjoy live accurate data powered by the WebCEO SEO platform.
  • Branded reports & white-label SEO tools

    Brand SEO reports with your corporate logo and style. Use private-label SEO reporting tools for agencies on your own domain as if your team developed them.
  • In-depth competitor research

    Get the ultimate data on your most dangerous competitors, including their rankings, one-page SEO strengths and weaknesses, backlinks, visitor traffic and social metrics.
  • Industry-standard SEO data integration

    At no additional cost, enjoy integration with Majestic, MOZ, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Business Profile, Google Ads, Pinterest and Facebook.

    Use our API to feed WebCEO data to your database, SEO tool or CRM. Enjoy first-class API support by email, chat or voice call.
  • SEO Lead Generation tools

    Hook new prospects automatically, right on your website, by embedding a "Free SEO audit" widget powered by WebCEO.
WebCEO big data integration providers

The Features Most Demanded by Marketing Agencies:

Customizable SEO Dashboards

If your marketing team does SEO for multiple websites, the All Projects SEO Dashboard will let you see your overall performance at a glance, without diving deep into each project's details.

You'll immediately see positive/negative ranking trends for all SEO campaigns, including technical issues or critical SEO errors that need to be solved urgently. You'll also see backlink profile trends, visitor traffic trends and more.

WebCEO screenshot SEO dashboard

A Powerful SEO Task Manager

With the agency SEO tools powered by WebCEO, you can assign tons of tasks to your marketing team members, avoid confusion and spread the workload of your team evenly.

Use ready-to-go SEO checklists integrated in the Task Manager or create your own checklists to shape up a successful SEO campaign for each client's site. Delegate SEO tasks as a batch or individually, track progress and never miss a deadline.

WebCEO screenshot SEO task management

Organize Your SEO Teamwork Today

An SEO Lead Generation Widget on Your Site

Embed a "Free SEO report" button in your SEO Agency website and get your prospects hooked easily while they are browsing your site.

After they enter their website URL and their contact information into a widget form, they will soon get an automatic email message with a comprehensive PDF report of their website's SEO issues (but not so detailed as to make your help unnecessary).

View sample report

WebCEO screenshot SEO lead generation widget

Complete Automation of Your SEO Routines

With WebCEO's agency-level marketing solutions, you can automate most SEO tasks, so save your time and manage more clients' sites than ever before. Schedule WebCEO to run regular rank checks, backlink analyses, in-depth SEO audits of your clients' sites, monitor their social engagement and more.

Get 90+ SEO reports for each client’s website and let your SEO Team work on your clients' SEO effectively.

Set WebCEO’s SEO reporting tools to alert your team members about any critical issues which should be solved urgently.

WebCEO screenshot SEO workflow automation

Professional-Looking SEO Reports for Your Clients

If you are providing one of the best SEO services in your area, client reporting professionalism should add to your reputation as well.

Brand your SEO reports with your company logo and style and set the WebCEO marketing platform to email the reports directly to your clients from your SMTP mail server.

View sample report

WebCEO white-label SEO reports
TRY THE MARKETING PLATFORM Free 14-day trial. Agency Plans from $99/mo

Search Engine Land has featured WebCEO in its annual ‘Enterprise SEO Platforms Marketer’s Guide’ as one of the leading Enterprise SEO Software Platforms

Search Engine Land logo
WebCEO in Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

Why Agencies Prefer WebCEO’s SEO Platform

Daniel-Kogan, WebCEO client
It's a great SEO software for our agency. What I like best about WebCEO is its comprehensive suite of SEO tools integrated into a user-friendly platform. It streamlines our workflow, offering valuable insights, real-time analytics, and automated reporting. The ability to provide our clients with access to their SEO performance through the portal is a significant advantage, enhancing transparency and client satisfaction.

WebCEO solves several key SEO challenges for us, including efficient keyword research, comprehensive competitor analysis, and detailed technical site audits. By automating these tasks, it saves our team significant time and effort, allowing us to focus on strategic initiatives. This efficiency boost enhances our productivity and ensures we deliver top-quality SEO services to our clients, ultimately benefiting our business growth and client satisfaction.
Daniel Kogan, Founder & CEO at 1Digital Agency

Choose a Plan to Fit Your Budget and Scale

Pay as you grow
Agency Unlimited
Online SEO tools for in-house SEO teams on a fixed budget
Online SEO tools for agencies and marketers that grow and add clients regularly
30 projects
Unlimited projects
($2 per active project/mo)
23 SEO tools
90+ reports
23 SEO tools
90+ reports
2,400 keywords in Rank Tracker
Unlimited keywords in Rank Tracker
($4/1,000 rank queries)
150,000 pages audited with the SEO Auditor
(5,000 pages/project)
Unlimited pages audited with the SEO Auditor
(max 50,000 pages/project, no extra cost per scan)
180,000 backlinks analyzed
(6,000 backlinks/project)
Unlimited backlinks analyzed
(max 50,000 backlinks/project, $4/10,000 backlinks found)
Branded SEO reports
Branded SEO reports
SEO Teamwork
(10 extra users)
SEO Teamwork
(5 free teammates + unlimited extra users for $5/mo per user)
White-label SEO tools on your own domain
5 SEO leads per day
5 SEO leads per day
+ Unlimited leads for $0.49/lead
SEO Task Management tools
SEO Task Management tools
All scanning except for rankings and backlinks at no extra cost

Agency SEO Tools FAQ

What’s the core difference between the Corporate plan and the Agency Unlimited plan?

Both plans are great for digital agencies or marketing teams with very high appetites for SEO: plenty of websites or site mirrors to analyze, a large number of keywords in the Rank Tracker, lots of backlinks to monitor and pages to audit, etc. Both plans offer pro-level features such as white label SEO reports, express SEO lead reports, a possibility to embed an SEO lead generation button on your site, etc.

However there is one major difference: the Corporate Plan is more suitable for those who are on a fixed budget.

With the Agency Unlimited plan, you can go to the SEO Budget Calculator and estimate your scanning fees in advance while resolving with your colleagues to not go beyond certain limits or you can set certain projects with scanning limitations. This plan gives you much more flexibility in what you scan and how many projects, keywords, links or pages you can add.

However some marketing teams stick to a specific monthly budget which should not alter even by $10-20/month. That’s why we’ve created the Corporate subscription plan for them - it was created by popular demand. Back to Pricing

Can I be sure no hidden costs are imposed?

We guarantee a transparent and clear pricing policy. The Solo, Startup and Corporate service plans imply fixed monthly subscription fees (discounts available on long-term subscriptions such as 3 months and more). All the functionality, available in any of these plans, comes with their fixed price - no additional charges are possible.

The Agency Unlimited plan is the one where monthly cost may vary. The fixed subscription part here is $99/mo (with discounts on longer subscription terms). Choosing to operate the tools on your own domain (white-label tools) adds another $20/mo. The flexible pricing primarily depends on the amount of active projects and specific rank queries made per month.

A rank query is a keyword × a location × a device × number of search results pages × rank scans frequency per month. It's $4 for 1,000 rank queries.

The number of backlinks we find and individually show for you are priced at 40 cents per 1,000 found. This last cost is often very minor indeed, considering most companies don’t have anywhere near 1,000 backlinks. All other scans in the WebCEO tools are free of any extra charge. Their use is covered by the fixed cost.

To estimate the monthly spend, please check the SEO Budget Calculator.

Never hesitate to contact us if anything brings in questions.

Can I switch service plans at any time?

Yes, if you're changing the service plan before your current subscription term expires, the unused funds with be automatically compensated to your account balance and used to cover (fully or partially) the invoice for the new subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, if you purchased a recurring subscription with WebCEO, you can cancel auto-renewal at any time. In this case the account will be locked in the read-only mode after the purchased subscription term expires.

Ask our Customer Care team via Live Chat or email support at webceo.com if you need to discuss other options.

How do keywords in Rank Tracking count?

You keyword limit depends on your subscription plan. In line with the SEO industry standard, Keyword/Search Engine combos are what count as "keywords" when limits are defined. The total number of these combos that can be tracked across all your projects is specified in the pricing table: 100 with Solo, 600 with Startup, 2,400 with Corporate, unlimited with Agency Unlimited plan. One keyword tracked across different search engines, locations or devices counts as several keywords. So if you are tracking 'your keyword' for Google California, Google California mobile and Yahoo USA, this counts as 3 keywords from your subscription limit. The number of search engine locations that you can add is not limited. This allows you to check many locations if you wish.

What is an SEO Lead?

An SEO Lead is a potential customer you will get from providing an SEO Audit report produced and sent from your mail server by WebCEO. You can convert a lead into a client by explaining how your services will improve the search engine performance of an analyzed website. The report will show an overall SEO score for your prospect's website and it will highlight website issues without providing the advanced detail that you will see in your companion report. An all-in-one SEO audit report includes data from several WebCEO tools: the SEO Analysis tool, Technical Auditor, Rank Tracker, Backlink Checker and the Traffic Analysis module.

The SEO Leads feature is available in all paid service plans except Solo. The Startup Plan allows you to enter the lead data yourself for 5 websites (leads), With the Agency Unlimited and Corporate plans, you are not only able to enter leads yourself but you can also put a widget button on your website for your site visitors to generate their own site audits. With Agency Unlimited, if more than 5 such site audits per day are generated, you can allow extra lead audits which would cost you only $0.49 each. The leads button will disappear from your website for the rest of the day if you've reached your specified limit.

Will you help me choose the best service plan for my SEO needs?

Of course! Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your current business needs and find the most suitable pricing model. Once your workflow turns into an overflow, just Schedule a live 30-min demo or email us and we'll tell you more about the available upgrade opportunities.

What type of customer support do you offer after the subscription purchase?

First, make sure you're connected with WebCEOOnline on Skype - this is where you can communicate with us. If you feel like there's something you're missing about the service, don’t hesitate to jump on a Skype call or Schedule a live 30-min demo.

Our email address for the service-related questions is support at webceo.com. We reply to email messages within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Live chat is always accessible as an icon in the bottom left corner - both on the official site and in the service interface. We're live during business hours at the very least.

What are your business hours?

We're online:

  • for Sydney - 6 PM - 5:30 AM
  • for Delhi - 12:30 PM - 11:30 PM
  • for Tel Aviv and Cape Town - 9 AM - 8:30 PM
  • for London - 7 AM - 6:30 PM
  • for New York - 2 AM - 1:30 PM
  • for Los Angeles - 11 PM - 10:30 AM