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for Agencies and Corporations

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Manage SEO Team Workflow Effectively

  • Disguise your SEO platform so your employees and customers believe it’s your in-house technology
  • Delegate SEO tasks evenly and track the progress of your coworkers
  • Automate as many SEO routines as possible
  • Manage hundreds of SEO campaigns and never miss a detail
  • Impress your boss or clients with professional-looking reports
  • Generate new SEO leads daily (for Digital Agencies)

What You Get with WebCEO

  • LIVE keyword ranking data instead of cached results reported by low-quality Rank Checker Tools
  • Super-flexible scheduling of all your SEO activities: pick custom dates when scheduling rank checks, SEO audits and other activities for different projects/clients
  • In-depth competitor research tools (data on your most dangerous competitors, their rankings, backlinks, visitor traffic and social citations)
  • SEO API and first-class API support: feed WebCEO data to your database, SEO tool or CRM
  • SEO teamwork facilities designed to make your SEO team work effectively and to control your spend, progress sand deadlines
  • SEO Lead Generation tools: hook new prospects right on your website by embedding a "Free SEO audit" widget powered by WebCEO
  • White-label everything: from SEO reports branded with your corporate logo and style - to white-label SEO tools available on your own domain
  • 10+ big SEO data integration sources at no additional cost (Majestic, MOZ, Alexa, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SearchEngineNews, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
WebCEO big data integration providers

Agencies Prefer WebCEO

WebCEO client review by Joel Gross

WebCEO has a very intuitive interface that lets you quickly access information on different campaigns and efforts.

The suite was built specifically for professional SEO teams and has everything you need.

Joel Gross, Owner of Coalition Technologies, SEO Expert Consultant
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Why Digital Agencies Love This SEO Platform:

Get a Bird-Eye View of All Promoted Projects

If your team does SEO for multiple websites, the All Projects SEO Dashboard will let you see overall performance at one glance, without diving deep into each project details.

You'll immediately see positive/negative ranking trends for all projects, technical issues or critical SEO errors to be solved urgently, backlink profile trends, visitor traffic trends and more.

WebCEO screenshot SEO dashboard

Since 2014, Search Engine Land has listed WebCEO again and again
among the top SEO software vendors in their annual report
"Enterprise SEO Platforms 2018: A Marketer's Guide"

Delegate SEO Tasks to Your SEO Team Members

With WebCEO, you can assign a million SEO tasks to your team members, avoid confusion and spread workload of your team evenly.

Use ready-to-go SEO checklists integrated in the Task Manager or create your own checklists to shape up a successful SEO campaign for each client's site. Delegate SEO tasks as a batch or individually, track progress and never miss a deadline.

WebCEO screenshot SEO task management

Streamline Your SEO Teamwork Today

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Complete Bulk SEO Tasks Easily

To make your team workflow even more productive, take advantage of batch actions and API commands for many SEO tasks, settings and scans within WebCEO.

You can edit properties for multiple projects in batch, configure scan limit profiles and rank tracking settings, schedule multiple SEO tasks and report emailing parameters, standardize widget sets in your SEO Dashboards, assign multiple SEO tasks in Task Manager, and so much more.

WebCEO screenshot bulk SEO tasks

Hook Dozens of SEO Leads Daily

If you are a Digital Agency, embed a "Free SEO report" widget in your SEO Agency website and get your prospects hooked easily while they are browsing your site.

After they enter their website URL and their contact information into a widget form, they will soon get an automatic email message with a comprehensive PDF report of their website's SEO issues.

The report will be branded with your company logo and style - as if you ran the report yourself! Your company will then appear eminently capable of resolving all detected SEO issues and promoting their website online.

WebCEO screenshot SEO lead generation widget

Generate More SEO Clients, Thanks to WebCEO!

SIGN UP FREE 14-day free trial. Agency Plans from $99/mo

Automate as Many SEO Routines as Possible

With WebCEO, you can automate most SEO tasks, so save your time and manage more clients' sites than before. Schedule WebCEO to run regular rank checks, backlink analyses, in-depth SEO audits and technical audits of your clients' sites, monitor their social engagement and more.

Get 70+ SEO reports for each client website and let your SEO Team work on your clients' SEO effectively.

Set WebCEO to alert your team members about any critical issues which should be solved urgently.

WebCEO screenshot SEO workflow automation

Provide Professional-Looking SEO Reports for Your Clients

If you provide five-star SEO services, client reporting professionalism should add to your reputation as well. Brand your SEO reports with your company logo and style and set WebCEO to email the reports directly to your clients from your SMTP mail server.

WebCEO white-label SEO reports

Provide a White-Label SEO Client Dashboard

If you want to go further - provide your clients with limited access to the white-label SEO tools hosted on your own domain.

Gain more trust and credibility by providing SEO client dashboard which will help them track their SEO progress instead of hanging on your phone line all the time asking for updates!

WebCEO screenshot SEO client dashboard
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