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SEO Software Review
WebCEO vs Raven and Moz

Plans & Pricing Start - $99/mo
Grow - $169/mo
Thrive - $249/mo
Lead - $399/mo
+ extra costs if the scanning limit has been exceeded
Standard - $99/mo
Medium - $179/mo
Large - $249/mo
Premium - $999/mo

Buy 12 months – 20% off
Startup - $99/mo
Corporate - $199/mo
Agency Fixed - $499/mo
Agency Unlimited – flexible
Buy 3 months - 10% Off
Buy 12 months - 25% Off
Free Trial YES
14 days Free Trial
no credit card required
30 days PRO Medium account. Credit card required
14 days Free Trial
no credit card required
Number of websites 20, 80, 160, unlimited 5, 10, 25, 100 2, 5, 25, 50, unlimited with the Agency Unlimited plan
Multi-user access 4, 8, 20, unlimited From 2 users ($99/mo) to 60 (with the $999/mo plan) Unlimited starting from the $99/mo Startup plan
Custom domain YES
[custom] (with the $99/mo plan) or (starting from $169/mo plan)
for an extra $20/mo 
(with the $99/mo Agency Unlimited plan)
Branded reports YES
Custom logo or text header, footer, colors
Custom logo, title, description, notes (starting from the $179/mo plan)
Custom logo, header, footer, color scheme, cover page text, images and background (in ALL pricing plans)
Scheduled Scanning Ranking, backlinks, auditor, keywords, social, SEO: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly Rankings and site audit: once a week Ranking checker, Backlinks, Website Audit, Competitors Backlink Spy, Web Analytics.
All tools: daily scan (in the Agency Unlimited plan), weekly, monthly, quarterly
Scheduled Report Emailing YES
Custom mailing schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) for all tools
Custom mailing schedule (Ranking, Site Audit) daily, weekly, monthly
Custom mailing schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly), for all tools
Report Export Formats PDF, CSV PDF, CSV PDF, CSV
Complete SEO report which combines data from all tools YES YES YES
Help & Tutorials PDF checklists, knowledge base, webinars Basic Beginner's Checklist
Video at starting point
Help Hub, Learn SEO block,
Questions & Answers forum,
Webinars and events,
SEO Blog
Help Center,
SEO Roadmap,
Detailed DIY SEO Checklists,
Quick Start Guide & Videos,
API references,
SEO Blog
Competitors investigation Domain and keyword research, backlinks (40 links) Rankings, backlinks, on-page optimization by keyword, off-page parameters Dangerous Competitors finder, Competitor Backlink Spy, Keyword Rankings,
Backlinks, Semantic core by domain,
Buzz Tracking (track your competitors mentions in social networks)
Rank tracker: local search engines and query language selection YES
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex
Google, Bing, Yahoo. You cannot select a location or language, only a country
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, AOL, Ask +
other search engines
(all countries, all languages)
Local ranking check YES
Locations customized down to city or zipcode level
Locations customized down to city or zipcode level
Mobile rank check YES
Rank tracker: scan history YES YES
Instant ranking check NO
Scanning results will be available within24 hours
You can't choose your custom date
You can check your rankings any time and receive them within a few minutes to a half hour depending on the size of your request
Keyword research: Keyword data sources Wordtracker, Adwords, Research assistant (Moz) Google Adwords,
spy on competitors
Google Adwords, Google Search Console, 
spy on competitors
Backlinks quality analysis data sources Powered by Majestic Own database Powered by Majestic
Traffic analysis: integration with Google Analytics YES YES YES
SEO Audit: On-page and Off-page SEO factors influencing rankings analysis YES YES YES
SEO Audit: Site health and usability check YES
Social Reputation Mentions of your page in Social networks YES
Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics
Integration with Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Google Analytics
Content Submission NO NO YES
Local places and directories, shopping search engines, download sites, blog directories and search engines, press release sites, photo/video sharing sites, infographic submission sites and more (210+ resources overall)
Sitemap Generator YES NO YES
Email support YES YES YES
Live chat support NO NO YES

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Leonardo Baeza Leonardo Baeza,
Marketing Manager at Buda
Let me tell you that WebCEO is far superior to Your reports, PDF files, the way you enhance the analysis and present the data. It's so simple and yet, so incredibly complete. I'm very happy with my decision to make this change, because... More WebCEO reviews >>
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