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Haven’t Tried WebCEO Yet?
It’s a Powerful, High Quality Ahrefs Alternative

Free Trial. Instant Rank Checks. Branded reports. Unlimited user collaboration.
No credit card required
WebCEO Interface, Project Dashboard

WebCEO is a solid all-in-one SEO toolset, i.e. a marketing platform for keyword research, rank tracking, backlink checks, toxic link cleanup, discovery of new link building opportunities, website SEO & technical audits, social media analytics, traffic analysis and competitor research.

Let’s dive into a detailed comparison of WebCEO and Ahrefs

WebCEO offers features that Ahrefs does not have:

Collaborate with your team in real time at no extra cost. Manage projects together, delegate tasks, track their progress, share reports and never break deadlines
A free 14-day trial. Try all the tools of the WebCEO SEO platform with certain limitations at no charge. No obligation, no fees, no credit card required
Delegate toxic link analysis to an intelligent automatic system instead of checking thousands of backlinks manually, trying to figure out which one is good or bad
Make the most cost-effective decisions relying on the analytics data in your marketing dashboard due to the Google Analytics and Google My Business integrations
Increase your visibility. Save your time and get an updated list of the best content submission resources. Be found by your local customers on the sites they use
Collect SEO leads (potential clients) while you sleep by embedding a "Free SEO audit" widget to your site. Use it to automatically send a free SEO report and collect their contact details. Offer them your SEO services
Be super-flexible: enjoy scheduled rank checks, or get an instant rank check anytime if you need to prepare an urgent report for your client
Brand reports with your logo, company name, header, footer and color scheme. Impress your clients with professional-looking SEO reports
Brand reports with your logo, header/footer, color scheme. Impress your clients with professional-looking SEO reports
Get a bird-eye view on all your SEO strengths and weaknesses with an all-in-one SEO report. Get it automatically emailed on a schedule
Be universal and track rankings on all popular search engines, not only Google: YouTube (#2 world search engine), Yahoo, Bing, AOL, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and others
Add value to your marketing software with the SEO metrics powered by WebCEO. Feed them to your software with WebCEO API , for no additional charge
Maximize your earnings with minimal expense using a confidential service. Just place your branding on WebCEO. The White Label Domain will absolutely disguise WebCEO being at its core. Resell SEO tools on behalf of your own company or provide access to your partners and clients to your branded SEO tools on your own domain

WebCEO Has Been Top-Rated by:

You can save more than 50% annually compared to Ahrefs

Unlike Ahrefs, WebCEO allows your whole team to work on projects simultaneously at no extra cost

Compare Ahrefs to WebCEO

Plans & Pricing

Lite - $99/mo

Standard - $179/mo

Advanced - $399/mo

Agency - $999/mo

Buy 12 months - save ~ 16%

Solo - $35/mo

Startup - $99/mo

Agency – $99/mo+

Corporate - $299/mo

Buy 3 months - save 10%

Buy 12 months - save 25%

Free Trial


7 days Trial for $7

credit card required


14 days Free Trial

no credit card required

Multi-user access

Lite - 1 user

Standard - 1 user

Advanced - 3 users

Agency - 5 users

Additional users: $30/mo per 1 user

Solo plan - 1 user

Startup - unlimited users

Corporate - unlimited users

Agency Unlimited - unlimited users

No additional charge

Number of projects

Lite - 5

Standard - 10

Advanced - 25

Agency - 100

Additional projects: $10 per project

Solo - 1

Startup - 5

Corporate - 30

Agency Unlimited - unlimited ($2/project)

Branded reports



Custom logo, header, footer, color scheme, cover page text, images and background

(starting with the $99/mo Startup plan and higher)

A white-label SEO platform on a custom domain



SEO tools with your own logo, header, footer and custom design at seo.yourdomain.com (no mention of WebCEO)

This custom domain solution is $20/mo
(with the $99/mo Agency Unlimited plan)

Scheduled scanning

Site Audit - weekly

Rank Tracker - every 3-7 days (depending on your subscription plan)

Organic Keywords report - between 3 days to 2 months (depending on the popularity - monthly search volume of the keyword)

Rank Tracking, SEO Analysis, Technical Audit, Competitor Link Profile, Partner Links Watch, Social Engagement - custom schedule (daily with the Agency Unlimited plan)

My Backlinks, Competitor Backlink Spy - custom schedule with the Agency Unlimited plan

Scheduled report emailing



New/Lost Backlinks - daily (with the $399/mo and higher plan), weekly (with the $179/mo plan), monthly (with the $99/mo plan)

New Keywords - daily (from $999/mo plan), weekly (with the $179/mo plan & higher), monthly (with the $99/mo plan)

Mentions - daily (with the $179/mo plan & higher) or weekly (with the $99/mo plan)

Rank Tracker - weekly or monthly

Custom mailing schedule:

All WebCEO tools - daily (from $99/mo)

All WebCEO tools - weekly, monthly, quarterly (from $39/mo plan)

Report export formats
Number of reports per month





  • create and manage campaigns (websites)
  • Backlinks, Internal Links, Rankings data, Domain Rating, info about the crawled pages, such as IP address, canonical URL, social metrics etc., the estimation of number of keywords, traffic and cost of the target URL, the new or lost referring domains and their details, user subscription information

API Subscription plans:

API Standard - $500/mo (500 API Rows. $1 per additional 1,000 rows)

API Plus - $2,000/mo (5 millions API Rows. $0.40 per additional 1,000 rows)

API Premium - $10,000/mo (30 millions API Rows. $0.35 per additional 1,000 rows)


  • create and manage projects (websites)
  • pull data from: the three Backlink tools, Internal Links Tool, Lead Generation module, Rank Tracker, Keyword Research tool,Sitemap Generator, Social Metrics, Technical Audit & SEO Analysis Tools, Web Buzz Tool, Web Analytics Tool (competitor traffic), Facebook Insights, Scan Schedule, SEO Checklist
  • manage users and client reporting
  • manage your white label SEO tools

Only for Agency Unlimited subscribers. No extra costs for API

An all-in-one SEO report which combines data from all tools



Competitors investigation

Competitor Rankings, Organic Competitor Discovery, Competitor Keywords (Organic and Paid), Competitor Ads, Competitor Landing Pages, Competitor Backlinks, Competitor Estimated Traffic, Competitors Traffic Share, Competitor Brand Mentions, Competitor Content Explorer

Competitor Rankings including breakdowns by Keyword and SE, Dangerous Competitors finder, Competitor Backlink Spy, Competitor Link Profile, Competitor Traffic, Competitor Social Citations, Spy on Competitors (Semantic core of keywords determined by domain)

Rank tracker: local search engines and query language



Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, Baidu, DuckDuckGo + other search engines

Local ranking check



Number of tracked keywords

Lite - 500

Standard - 1,500

Advanced - 5,000

Agency - 10,000

A keyword tracked within several locations and devices, counts as several keywords. For example, tracking 'keyword' on Google USA and UK, desktop and mobile will count as 4 keywords from your account limit.

Rank Tracker Pro:

From $50/mo for 500 keywords to $10,000/mo for 100,000 keywords

Note that your new keyword limit replaces your existing one, and you can’t purchase fewer keywords than the number you’re already using

Solo - 50 unique keywords

Startup - 200 unique keywords

Corporate - 600 unique keywords

Agency Unlimited - unlimited

WebCEO doesn't count unique keywords as combinations (keyword + search engine + device). Tracking 'keyword' on Google USA and UK, desktop and mobile counts as one keyword of the account limit, not three.

If you are paying to track 200 keywords across 3 search engines, then in your report there will be 200 keywords on the list and three SE columns with results for each

Ranking Check Frequency

Lite - every 7 days

Standard - every 5 days

Advanced - every 3 days

Agency - every 3 days

Solo - every 7 days automatically

Startup - every 7 days automatically (daily manual check is possible)

Corporate - every 7 days automatically (daily manual check is possible)

Agency Unlimited - daily automated rank checks (custom settings)

Mobile rank check
yes yes
Rank tracker: scan history
yes yes
Instant ranking check


Scanning results will be updated according to your schedule (depends on your subscription plan)


Update your rankings results any time . Receive them within a few minutes to a half hour depending on the size of your request

Compare results to a custom date



Keyword research tool: Keyword data sources
Clickstream + Google Keyword Planner Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Suggest, Related Searches, People Also Ask, Google Search Console, spy on competitors
Backlink quality analysis data sources
Own database Powered by Majestic
Majestic backlink data for free



Backlink management tool
(track earned partner links, disappeared/modified links)
yes yes
Automatic backlink analysis for spam
no yes
Traffic analysis: integration with Google Analytics



Integration with Google My Business



Integration with Google Search Console
yes yes
SEO Audit: On-page and Off-page SEO factors influencing rankings
yes yes
Tech Audit: Site health and usability check
yes yes
Social Engagement Metrics


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest


Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Analytics

SEO lead generation tools
yes yes
Content Submission



Local places and directories, shopping search engines, download sites, blog directories and search engines, press release sites, photo/video sharing sites, infographic submission sites and more (210+ resources overall)

Sitemap Generator
no yes
DIY SEO Checklist
yes yes
SEO Dashboards
yes yes
Help & Tutorials

Help Center


SEO Guides

SEO Blog

Live Chat

API documentation


Online 1-on-1 Interactive Demo

Help Center & FAQ

SEO Roadmap and DIY SEO Checklists

Quick Start Guide

SEO Guides

Video Tutorials

API references

SEO Blog

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Why Our Customers Love WebCEO:

Joel Gross
WebCEO has a very intuitive interface that lets you quickly access information on different campaigns and efforts. The suite was built specifically for professional SEO teams and has everything you need.
Before I used WebCEO, reporting to clients could be painful and time consuming. Now I can confidently build reports that are very accurate and thorough. We are seeing much better results for our client campaigns using WebCEO. Coalition Technologies loves using WebCEO!
Joel Gross, Owner of Coalition Technologies, SEO Expert Consultant