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Add Essential Traffic Analysis Data to Your Marketing Mix

Add your Google Analytics data to your marketing mix along with other performance metrics such as keyword ranking trends, backlink data, important social metrics, your own marketing milestones, Google Updates and more. This will help you analyze your overall performance and fine-tune your marketing strategy over time.

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WebCEO Traffic Analysis Reporting Tool

What You Get with WebCEO Traffic Analysis Reporting

  • Google Analytics Combined with Your SEO Data:

    From the Google Analytics reports you will know what channels bring you visitors, analyze their efficiency and get insights on your competitors' traffic. Keep your marketing analytical data all in one place, including the most essential Google Analytics (UA & GA4) reports, keyword ranking reports and SEO analysis data, backlink stats, competitor SEO metrics and more. Just connect your GA account to WebCEO and enjoy the all-in-one reporting.

  • Google Ads Module:

    Analyze the key points of your current PPC campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness. Include keywords to other reports with one click: add keywords from the Google Ads tool reports into the Keyword Basket and Rank Tracking reports to get your work done faster. Connect your Google account and get valuable insights, increase relevant traffic on your site and earn more leads that convert.

  • Google Search Console Module:

    Reports from Google Search Console will help you find the most effective keywords to optimize your site's pages for. You will also know which of your pages to concentrate on to best increase your traffic and conversions. Review the number of clicks / impressions / CTR / avg. positions increased or decreased for your list of keywords and compare the data to the previous time period. Connect Google Search Console with your SEO tools to get the most from both.

  • Competitor Traffic:

    Identify main competing domains for organic search engine traffic. Add URLs manually or click 'Find more competitors' link. Review the estimated organic traffic data and compare monthly traffic to your website with those of your competitors. Analyze traffic data to competing websites for the previous month.
    The Competitor Traffic report is available both in the Traffic Analysis and Competitor Metrics tools.

  • Professional-Looking PDF Reports:

    Impress your boss or customers with professional-looking web analytics reports branded with your company logo and colors. Send the reports via email on a schedule or have them published on your own domain automatically.

  • No Need to Remember GA Logins for Each Customer:

    Stop wasting your time on remembering and entering Google Analytics credentials every time you need a GA report for this or that customer. Just claim access to your customer's Google Analytics and connect WebCEO with their GA accounts.

And fine-tune your marketing strategy with in-depth marketing analytics!