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SEO Task Manager

Your central hub for orchestrating the SEO workflow from start to finish

Organize tasks
Assign them to team members
Track progress in real-time

All while maintaining a bird's-eye view of your entire SEO landscape

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Manage your Daily SEO Tasks and Improve Your Workflow

Simplify Team Collaboration with Assigned Tasks and Deadlines

WebCEO’s Task Manager is designed to streamline how you plan, assign, and track your daily SEO tasks .Never miss a deadline with clear notifications and task reminders. The Task Manager isn't just about assigning SEO tasks; it's a reservoir of knowledge, offering detailed descriptions of required actions for each task.

The Task Manager is your one-stop solution to simplify collaboration and ensure your team stays on track and deadline-driven. Available across all paid service plans.

WebCEO’s Task Manager. Add a new task

Optimize Team Efficiency with Advanced Task Assignments and Tracking

Change the status of SEO tasks, monitor the completion percentage in real-time, and assign daily SEO tasks directly to team members. Each team member has a role with specific rights assigned by the team leader, ensuring that everyone has the access they need.

This advanced task management and tracking system significantly reduces the time spent on ongoing SEO tasks, allowing team leaders and members to focus more on strategic decision-making and less on day-to-day management.

WebCEO’s Task Manager. Advanced Task Assignments and Tracking

Stay Informed and Responsive with Email Notifications on Task Updates

Keep your SEO projects on track with instant email notifications from the WebCEO Tasks.

Never miss an update or a critical deadline again, as WebCEO's Task Manager ensures you're always in the loop with the latest SEO tasks statuses. Whether it's a task completion, an adjustment in deadlines, or a new assignment, you'll receive timely alerts directly to your inbox.

With email notifications, the Task Manager not only simplifies communication but also allows your team to swiftly adapt and remain proactive in managing daily SEO tasks.

WebCEO’s Task Manager. Email Notifications

Are You an SEO Newbie? The Solo Plan is Designed for You

Dive into SEO without feeling overwhelmed with WebCEO's Solo Plan. This simplified version of the WebCEO platform is ideal for beginners. It cuts through the complexity, offering just the essentials you need to start optimizing your site.

With guided Solo Tasks, you'll receive clear, step-by-step instructions and actionable recommendations to boost your site's rankings. Each task is designed to be beginner-friendly, providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary for success without requiring deep SEO expertise.

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WebCEO’s Task Manager. Solo Plan Tasks

Are You an In-House SEO Team or a Digital Agency?

Add unlimited users for free and collaborate with your team on SEO projects via the User Manager, where you can assign projects and access limits. * In similar SEO platforms, adding extra users will cost you hundreds of dollars per month, but WebCEO regularly allows you 5 free extra users who can logon in any given month.

Track unlimited sites. With WebCEO’s Agency Unlimited plan, you can check and track keyword rankings for hundreds of client sites. * You’ll get a generous volume discount after you’ve added 100 active projects.

Track unlimited keywords. Get a multiple keyword rank checker for a fraction of the price: add hundreds of thousands of keywords to track rankings for your client sites. * With the Agency Unlimited plan, you’ll get one of the lowest prices per keyword in the niche, and can pay as you go.

Schedule keyword rank checks on a regular basis. With the WebCEO Agency Unlimited plan, you can set your website Rank Checker to monitor keyword rankings monthly, weekly or daily and deliver them to your clients’ inboxes automatically. * You will NOT find such flexibility with most popular SEO platforms.

Task Manager FAQ

How does Task Manager enhance team collaboration on SEO projects?

Task Manager significantly enhances team collaboration by providing a mini platform for assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking progress in real-time. Tasks provide clear communication and ensure all team members are aligned in their responsibilities, facilitating a more comfortable and productive working environment.

Is Task Manager suitable for managing large-scale SEO projects?

Absolutely. Task Manager is designed to scale with your SEO projects, making it suitable for managing tasks across large-scale operations. Its ability to organize tasks into categories, assign them in bulk, and track progress in detail enables you to maintain control and oversight, no matter the project size.

Does Task Manager offer guidance for beginners in SEO?

Yes, WebCEO’s Task Manager is an invaluable resource for beginners. With Guided Solo Tasks and a rich library of predefined tasks, it provides clear instructions and actionable steps for improving your site's SEO. This guidance demystifies SEO for newcomers, offering a structured path for learning and applying SEO best practices.

How does Task Manager keep me informed about my SEO task progress?

Task Manager keeps you informed through real-time updates on task completion percentages and timely email notifications about any changes or updates to tasks. This continuous feedback loop ensures you're always aware of your project's status, enabling quick adjustments and informed decision-making.

How can I adjust the deadline for a project promotion in Task Manager?

The deadline for project promotion in Task Manager is automatically adjusted based on the deadlines of associated tasks. To extend a project promotion deadline, simply extend the duration of any of its tasks. This flexible approach allows for precise control over project timelines, ensuring that deadlines reflect the current scope and needs of your SEO efforts.

Does Task Manager offer the same benefits across different subscription levels?

Absolutely. Task Manager is designed to enhance SEO task planning and tracking for all users, regardless of their subscription plan. With timely reminders to keep you on track and avoid missed deadlines, and a wealth of SEO knowledge in each task description, users can edit and tailor these to fit their specific project needs.

Do auto-tasks in Task Manager simplify routine SEO management?

Yes, auto-tasks in Task Manager are specifically designed to streamline routine SEO management. By automatically generating tasks based on website scans for issues, Task Manager allows SEO teams to focus on strategic objectives rather than getting bogged down in manual task creation. This feature is particularly beneficial for teams dividing SEO tasks among members, ensuring that everyone stays focused and productive.

Can I use Task Manager for individual SEO projects?

Absolutely. Task Manager is not only powerful for team collaborations but also perfectly suited for individual SEO projects. Its Guided Solo Tasks feature offers step-by-step instructions, making it an ideal tool for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, or anyone managing their own website to systematically improve their SEO performance.

How does Task Manager handle task assignments and role permissions?

In Task Manager, tasks can be directly assigned to team members, with specific roles and permissions set by the team leader. Every member has the access and authority they need to complete tasks effectively, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment.

Can I create custom tasks in Task Manager?

Yes, Task Manager allows for the creation of custom tasks, providing the flexibility to address specific SEO needs for your projects. Whether starting from scratch or modifying predefined tasks, you have complete control to ensure that every task is aligned with your objectives.

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