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A Keyword Research Tool for Killer Keyword Suggestions

Shop no longer for dozens of keyword tools and techniques, because WebCEO simply covers them all. With WebCEO, you'll be able to get intelligent keyword suggestions, see keyword effectiveness metrics to help you find terms that convert, and use these keywords to optimize your site for higher rankings.

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WebCEO Keyword Research Tool

What You Get with the WebCEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

  • Unlimited Keyword Suggestions:

    Get thousands of keyword ideas for your site content and on-page SEO. Never miss any long-tail keywords which might be really effective. Use KEI (keyword effectiveness index), global / local monthly searches and other important metrics to refine your keyword list.

  • All Keyword Tools in One Place:

    Don't struggle to log into dozens of places (e.g. Keyword Planner or paid keyword tools). Stop wasting your time on visiting competing sites for keyword ideas. WebCEO's Keyword Research tool will bring you intelligent keyword suggestions from all these sources.

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis:

    Use the Spy On Competitors module of the WebCEO Keyword Tool to easily find competitors' keywords; use them as additional keyword suggestions and build a killer keyword list.

  • Keyword Suggestions for Local SEO:

    How to find the right keywords for local SEO? Just press Settings on the top right of the WebCEO Keyword tool and choose your target country and language: you'll now use WebCEO as a Local Keyword tool.

  • Suggestions from the Google Search Console:

    Do you know how to easily find overlooked keywords that are already bringing you real visitors? These might be the long-tail keywords which you haven't thought of before. Go to the Google Search Console tab in WebCEO's Keyword Tool and find all these keywords in there.

  • Integration with an SEO Auditor and Rank Tracker:

    Once ready with a keyword list, use these keywords in WebCEO's SEO Analysis tool to optimize your landing pages for higher rankings. You'll also see these keywords in the Rank Checker tool - to track your keyword rankings on 370+ global and local search engines.

  • Laser-Sharp Keyword Segmenting:

    Use tags to segment keywords in your keyword basket and build several keyword lists. You'll be able to use these tags in the other WebCEO tools such as Rank Tracker or the SEO Analysis tool.

  • Professional-Looking PDF Reports:

    Build professional-looking PDF reports about your keyword research and send them to your boss, colleagues or clients.

and find the best keywords for your business!

Keyword Research Tool FAQ

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains at least three words. Long-tail keywords perform well for targeting niche users rather than mass audiences. Long-tail keywords are more specific and less competitive – consider this fact while making up your keyword list.

Why is keyword research important for SEO?

Keyword research is the starting point of your website promotion. Before you optimize your site for high search engine rankings and enjoy organic traffic, you should first decide on the most effective keywords that should be relevant to your business and have the right search intent. In other words, these are the keywords which will bring you visitor traffic that will convert into subscriptions, trials, orders, you name it.

However, you can’t just pick a number of keywords once in a while and expect your traffic to always be high. You should analyze various keywords’ potential on a regular basis, as everything may change according to season, trends, etc.

Can a keyword tool give me keyword suggestions better than myself?

You can compete with a keyword tool in regard to the number of keyword suggestions, as you are definitely the one who knows everything about your business. However, without a keyword tool you may miss great keyword opportunities: synonymic phrases, competitor’s keywords, related keywords you may never think about, etc. You may make up a list of good-looking keywords; however, without analytics, you cannot estimate their effectiveness. Looks like a doubling of effort: you will spend hours thinking about the best keywords to rank for, and after that you will have to check statistics for these keywords.

A keyword tool will immediately give you many of the best keywords ideas with must-have statistics. A keyword tool shows you the keywords people are really searching for – that is what you need to rank better.

How to see what keywords competitors are using?

It's easier than ever before! Just go to WebCEO's Keyword Research tool > Spy on Competitors tab and get access to the keywords used by your competitors. This is a great source of additional keyword suggestions so your keywords list will expand and help your website perform much better.

Don’t look down in desperation, look to your competitors for inspiration.

What is Google Search Console and how can it help me with keyword research?

Google Search Console is a web service for webmasters with great possibilities for SEO (search engine optimization). In terms of keyword research, it directly tells you about the specific keywords that are already bringing you organic search traffic from Google, as well as data on your impressions, click through rates and the average global position of your site on Google for these keywords. In fact, these keywords determine what your website is known for.

How do I find keywords for my site which are the most effective?

WebCEO’s Keyword Research tool makes it easy to pick the best performing keywords which have a potential to bring you relevant and targeted traffic. You have to analyze your keywords for the following metrics:

  • Monthly keyword searches. This shows how popular and trendy the keyword is. You should check this metric regularly and analyze how popular keywords are through seasons.
  • KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index). This allows you to find keywords that show potential – those keywords that are likely to help your site attract more traffic.
  • Keyword difficulty. This is a handy metric which helps you understand how hard it will be to rank for any search query. To calculate Keyword Difficulty, you must analyze the search results for a given keyword and look at the number of referring domains the Top 10 ranking pages have. In simple terms, the more referring domains across the top ranking pages, the higher the Keyword Difficulty.

What are the must-have features of a good SEO keyword tool?

A good SEO keyword tool shows you the most popular and trending keywords and gives you precise data on monthly searches and search trends. WebCEO shows the most precise and up-to-date data for your specific keyword searches. We refresh our databases nearly every day.

Do you provide keyword suggestions for local SEO?

Yes, WebCEO shows you keyword suggestions for any location supported by Google and statistics for that precise location (down to the country, county or province, city and zip-code). After some short research (you may look at the analytics data for different locations), you will see that your potential customers are searching for your product in various places. A great way to expand your business, as you now know better where your best potential customers are!

I have picked and saved the best keyword suggestions. What do I do next?

You’re definitely excited to see how your website will perform on search engines with your new keywords. You should check your rankings, but they won’t grow themselves. Your should take an integrated approach and work on backlinks, social media marketing, pay attention to technical and SEO issues etc.

And you’re very lucky, because the WebCEO marketing platform was built with this integrated approach in mind. We offer all must-have tools for successful website promotion: a Keyword Research tool to get killer keyword suggestions; an SEO Analysis tool to help you create new, properly tagged content with your keywords in mind and you can optimize existing content for higher rankings. A Competitor Backlink Spy, a Content Submission tool, a Buzz Tracker and a DIY SEO checklist – all these tools will be a great help for you to build high quality backlinks. To keep your backlinks clean and non-toxic, the Backlink Profile and Partner Links Watch tools go a long way.

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