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Internal Link Building Now Made Easy

The Internal Links tool is a part of WebCEO, a 22-tool SEO platform available online. Use this tool to make your internal links Hummingbird-friendly, do SEO copywriting wisely, streamline your internal link juice effectively and gain search engine love.

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WebCEO Internal Links Tool

What You Get with the WebCEO Internal Links Tool

Link Text Analysis:

Use the Link Text Analysis report to see what link texts are used in incoming and outgoing interlinks on your site. Review all anchor texts to make your internal links relevant, diversified and Hummingbird-friendly.

Landing Page Analysis:

Analyze each landing page of your site in regard to internal link building: see how much link juice a page is passing and receiving and learn how authoritative it is in the eyes of the search engines.

SEO Copywriting with Internal Links in Mind:

Do your SEO copywriting professionally: interlink pages intelligently and cater more link juice to the more important pages, with proper link text and no link text spamming. Run the Link Text Analysis report each time you've added a new page.

Removing Wasteful Links:

Use the "Outbound links" tab of the Landing Page Analysis report to see which pages of your site are wasting link juice because they are linking to blocked pages (these are pages listed in the Robots.txt file or pages that contain a Noindex tag).

Link Juice SEO:

Use the Page Authority Analysis report to investigate how much link juice your important pages are receiving and what anchor texts are used in them. Optimize your internal link juice flow to give more authority to the pages that convert the most visitors into customers.

Opportunities for Internal Link Building:

Use the "Pages not linking" tab of the Landing Page Analysis report to review each landing page, one by one, and see which relevant pages are still not linking to it. Take the opportunity to give more link juice to each important page.

WebCEO Internal Links Optimization PDF Guide
A Short Guide on How to Optimize Your Website Structure for Higher Rankings with WebCEO