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Leonardo Baeza Leonardo Baeza,
Digital Marketer SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, SMM
Let me tell you that WebCEO is far superior to Your reports, PDF files, the way you enhance the analysis and present the data. It's so simple and yet, so incredibly complete. I'm very happy with my decision to make this change, because your online suite is really made for professional SEO and it is not complex at all. Au contraire, it has everything well paced and named.
You must be proud.
Joel Gross Joel Gross,
Owner of Coalition Technologies, SEO Expert Consultant
WebCEO has a very intuitive interface that lets you quickly access information on different campaigns and efforts. The suite was built specifically for professional SEO teams and has everything you need.

Before I used WebCEO, reporting to clients could be painful and time consuming. Now I can confidently build reports that are very accurate and thorough. We are seeing much better results for our client campaigns using WebCEO. Coalition Technologies loves using WebCEO!
Deb Cinkus Deb Cinkus,
CEO of Polished Geek
The ability to customize the report content for each client project is excellent, and easy to use. One of my clients said that every other SEO professional has talked about SEO with "smoke and mirrors" and the reports we provide from WebCEO give clear, actionable data.

Another great feature is the Keyword basket, and the ability to tag keywords. This gives us good organization tools for each project when we are doing keyword analysis.
Doug Everitt Doug Everitt,
Managing Director at WIDE i Communication
I have been providing SEO services to clients since 2000. During this time I’ve used a number of different tools. I moved to the WebCEO platform some years ago because it offers a number of very important additional features and tools which are essential for optimizing any website.

One of the key requirements for anybody undertaking SEO is to provide transparent and measurable results to clients and colleagues. WebCEO provides a comprehensive range of reporting tools which greatly enhance this process and as an agency we can customise and brand these reports as required. I would say that the reporting, recording and integration with Google Analytics and Search Console are extremely valuable features of the WebCEO platform. This functionality together with the ability to localise a project to the Countries in which our clients operate make this a valuable tool for anybody who is serious about doing business on the web.
Lilach Galor Lilach Galor,
CEO of SEO Simple
As an agency, the transition to WebCEO benefits us a lot in matters of working time and cost savings. We can analyze the situation of a website much faster than we did before and have much more information available. It also generate cost savings because instead of paying separately for each SEO tool, with WebCEO we have everything under the same roof with only one fee. And finally, very good reports to deliver to our customers. Congratulations.
DJ Kennedy DJ Kennedy,
CEO of TechWyse Internet Marketing and Founder of AdLuge
Before Web CEO, reporting on keyword rankings was laborious, inaccurate and increasingly unreliable. We found that gathering this data ourselves wasn't going to scale as we expanded our client-base and subsequently the number of reports we needed. After working with Web CEO we have found our ranking reports to be much more accurate and reliable and we're absolutely thrilled with how their API integrates with our proprietary lead management tool AdLuge. Web CEO delivered more than we expected. We're now building the fourth version of AdLuge and we're really excited for Web CEO's platform to be a part of our software from the start.
Sofía Díaz Sofía Díaz,
Search Marketer
As a Search consultant, I am very happy with Web CEO. I have tried many tools before, but they did not fulfill all my needs. One of the reasons why I can recommend Web CEO is the fact that users are a part of the R+D of the tool. The WebCEO team takes your suggestions and opinions very seriously. They have discussed improvements I proposed and some were then implemented. Furthermore, if you find any kind of error in a report, they solve the problem very quickly.

Read Sofía's Web CEO review in Spanish on her blog.
Mitch Menghi Mitch Menghi,
WordPress Developer/SEO @ Menkom
They are one of the few SaaS companies that actually listen to your needs and proactively add feature requests. I have personally asked about 5 requested and 3 of them have been implemented which has made me very happy.
Bernd Oldenbeuving Bernd Oldenbeuving,
Founder and CEO of Oltech Solutions
We have been using Web CEO for more than 6 years. It helps us in analyzing customer websites and in guiding them through the ever changing world of "Search Engine Optimization". We have customers who want us to use a long term approach and customers that need a single "consult." Those in the first group were convinced, after seeing the first results, that the long term approach would be the most effective way to increase quality traffic to their site. We use Web CEO in different ways for different customers. Some do the fine tuning themselves, others choose to have Oltech guide them through the SEO World. Both are provided with quality data, but on different levels. Web CEO has the power to provide reports for different levels of end users, making it a valuable tool for us and for our customers.
Web CEO gave us the tools to expand our business and increase customer satisfaction!
Mônica De Paula Mônica De Paula,
CFO at 33AMD
We have greatly improved our SEO strategy. Web CEO has simplified the way we work. Now 33AMD makes important decisions faster and based on data from the WebCEO tools.
Miguel Goncalves Miguel Goncalves,
CEO of
Web CEO has made it dramatically easier for us to hone the SEO strategy of E-goi (our email/SMS/fax/voice marketing software). We've taken key SEO decisions based on Web CEO's tools, both regarding our search engine ranking and how competitors fare against us. As E-goi is an email marketing software used by clients all over the world, finding ways to grow our search engine popularity in specific countries is paramount. Web CEO's keyword and reporting tools have proved essential to help us reach this goal. Their customer support is excellent and the icing on the cake of one of the best SEO tools we've ever used. Highly recommended!
Terry Llewellyn Terry Llewellyn,
SEO at

Let me tell you right ways that I have been using WebCEO for I think ten years now, so yes I am biased. That said, if WebCEO had not delivered what I expected I would certainly have changed, but they have just got better and better. So, let me tell you a couple of reasons why I happily shout "There is no suite of software anywhere as good as WebCEO."

I am a cautious man, particularly when spending money and I have a method I use almost universally on line. Before I buy anything, I test the company's tech support. For example, I have quite a number of sites hosted at and before I put even a small site there I sent an e-mail at 3am asking support questions. I was impressed when I received answers to my questions when I turned my PC on next morning. The support you receive for almost anything on line is sometimes crucial but always important so let me talk about WebCEO's Tech Support.
To begin with they have a team of 8-10 female support engineers, trained to a very high standard on all aspects of the WebCEO package. These girls are never referred to as Tech Support Engineers, but are always called Support Angels who all work for and under the Arch Angel.

So, I can remember all those years ago sending an e-mail to asking a bunch of questions and I recall asking one question that would be outside their technical area, but requiring a reply that could only come from Sales. I duly received an automated text giving my e-mail a reference number and promising me a reply very soon. I received a detailed reply a couple of hours later, including something I had asked regarding the Sales Department. This was my final step before placing an order and that was a decision I have never even once regretted.

I suggest then that you look at the various modules that make up the SEO package and once satisfied that you can indeed get the reports you want, that you do as I did and prove to yourself that what I have said about the Support Angels is absolutely True.
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