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Site Audit: Detect, Analyze and Remove Technical Issues

Use WebCEO’s Technical Audit Tool to check your site for broken links and anchors, low page speed and server issues, missing images and inaccessible pages. Have WebCEO run regular website audits for you and send you email alerts when problems arise.

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Technical audits of your website need to occur regularly to maintain integrity with search engines. Knowing what decreases your efficiency index and how to fix issues is important to reach top rank positions.

Check if Your Website Has Technical Issues

Conduct an in-depth website audit with WebCEO – analyze all your website’s pages and get a detailed SEO report regarding technical issues that can damage your website rank performance on SERPs:

  • Page Not Found issues
  • Broken image links
  • Server issues
  • Page access issues
  • Broken anchors
  • Broken JavaScript Files
  • Broken CSS Files
  • Broken links in CSS styles
  • Mixed Content
Free 14-day Trial. No credit card required
Detect and Remove Technical Issues with the WebCEO Technical Audit Tool

Step Up to Advanced Site Auditing. Detect a Variety of Technical Issues and Properly Fix Them

WebCEO will help you reduce the time you usually spend searching for solutions to your SEO problems. A results-oriented SEO workflow requires competent tools and features. Technical issues can’t be solved with a new list of keywords, fresh content or an updated design. There are special procedures and rules you have to follow. Look how we can help!

How to Audit a Website with WebCEO

Enjoy First-Class Scanning Functionality

Choose what to scan

With a broad selection of issue types to scan for, you can customize the process up to fit your needs, i.e. to scan:

  • the whole website or specific pages
  • pages and folders disallowed by the robots.txt
  • pages and links with Nofollow attribute
  • pages with errors only

You can always exclude some points from the default list:

  • subfolders
  • subdomains
  • pages and links with Nofollow attribute

Choose how to scan

Inside the settings of the WebCEO Technical Audit Tool you can decide on how fast or powerful your audit will be.

Set up the depth of your scans and speed depending on the capacity of your server.

Get To-the-point Tips on Solving Your Technical Issues

With WebCEO you will get a detailed report on your site issues and a list of tips to solve them.

Easy and short instructions will help you spruce up your technical performance. You will get information not only about issues but also their exact location on your website with a link to your page source code.

Monitor Trends Over Time Concerning Specific Issues

Repetition of specific technical issues is not a rare scenario as some of them don’t depend on you.

If you know which type of issue damages your performance most often, you will know where to expect trouble and develop a strict order of action to solve everything in a matter of seconds.

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Full Automation: Schedule Your Website Audits and Report Sending

Your constant presence on the platform won’t be needed. WebCEO will help you automate all of your SEO check-ups so you can spend more time working on other important aspects of your business:

Scheduled Scans

Scheduled scans are useful because everything will happen without additional assistance on your part. With WebCEO you will have the power to get SEO reports about your technical performance daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly.

Schedule Scans to Get SEO Reports When It's Comfortable

Get Notified About Any Technical Issues on Your Website

Notifications depend on scheduled scans and how often you’ve decided to conduct them. Right after such an automated scanning session, you will get an email alert if any issues were found regarding the technical side of your website performance.

Configure Email Alerts to Be Instantly Notified About Issues with Your Website Performance

Professional-Looking White-Label SEO Reports

Our reports are designed to satisfy each category of our customers: freelancers, website owners, SEO agencies and corporations.

If you want to impress your clients, boss or colleagues with professionally built and decorated reports, you will be able to use the report branding function and add your corporate colors, logo and name.

You will be able to download a PDF version of a report, a CSV file, or share a link to a PDF.

Site Audit FAQ

What is a website technical SEO audit?

A technical audit of your website is a must-have procedure that helps detect any technical issues on your site, such as pages not found, broken JavaScript files, broken images, server issues, page access issues, and so on.

The importance of identifying such problems is huge, as these affect your rank performance on SERPs: some of these problems are officially considered by Google to be ranking factors on which the search engine decides what position your website is worthy of.

How can I solve technical issues on my website using WebCEO?

WebCEO will easily detect any issues on your website. After the scanning session, WebCEO will build a list of problems that exist on your website and you will get instructions on how to solve them. Each point on the list will contain a link to the very pages where a problem was discovered as well as the position of an issue in your page source code.

The WebCEO Technical Audit Tool doesn’t fix your issues. Instead it will give you cogent advice on how to efficiently solve them and avoid them in the future.

How often should I check my website for technical issues?

It depends. The more pages and links pointing to a website you have, the more carefully you should monitor for technical issues. Therefore, the frequency of scans may increase.

The best way to find out how often you should check your website is to start with weekly scans and analyze the quantity of issues you see with each new scan. If it is gradually decreasing - which will be seen on the Trend Over Time chart - you can revise your scan schedule.

Check Your Website for Issues Now!

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WebCEO Technical Site Audit Tool