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Safeguard Your Website from Technical Errors and Usability Issues

WebCEO Technical Site Audit Tool
  • Run Technical Site Audits on Schedule

    Get a detailed report about technical errors such as broken links and anchors, server issues, etc. that can negatively affect your search engine rankings; get advice on how to fix them immediately.

  • Analyze and Fix Site Usability Issues

    Check your site for embarrassing usability issues such as inaccessible pages, missing images, slow pages, etc. that are likely costing you potential clients now; get easy-to-follow tips on how to solve the issues.

  • Share Professional-Looking PDF Reports

    Provide professional-looking technical site audit reports to your customers and team members.

What You Get with Web CEO's Site Technical Audit Tool

  • Technical Site Audits:

    Have Web CEO analyze all pages of your site and produce a detailed report on all possible technical errors such as broken links and anchors, server issues and page-not-found errors.

  • Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Scans:

    Automate your site quality checks with Web CEO and feel safe about usability issues or serious errors that may negatively affect your search engine rankings.

  • Site Usability Checks:

    Run regular site usability checks to make sure there are no embarrassing issues such as slow page load times, missing images or inaccessible pages.

  • DIY SEO Checklist:

    Use a step-by-step SEO Roadmap (available in the WebCEO Help Center) to apply an integrated approach to your website promotion, maintenance and performance analysis.

  • Easy-to-Follow Tips on How to Fix Errors and Issues:

    Hover your mouse over a question mark next to a technical error or issue found on your site; you'll see easy-to-follow instructions on how to fix each issue.

  • Professional-Looking PDF Reports:

    Brand your technical audit reports with your own logo and corporate colors; provide them to your IT guys or your customers on a schedule.

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