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Third-party SEO Data Integration

Any SEO professional or website owner will want to use as many sources of reliable data as possible. This is why we integrate with many third-party services and data providers like Google, Majestic, Moz, Alexa and some others. You get all the power in one place: within WebCEO.

10+ reliable data sources under one roof

We integrate with All things Google

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google My Business

Google Ads

You will have your web analytics data combined with your SEO data, an important combo that provides valuable insights. An added bonus is that you can keep multiple Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads and Google My Business logins and passwords for different clients’ websites in one place: within WebCEO.

All things Competition Analysis




It's very unlikely that any of your competitors will ever grant you access to their traffic data or share their backlink strategies with you. With WebCEO, you will get it all now anyway: see your competitors’ rankings, view precisely who links to them, and estimate their traffic and social citations. We partnered with the above listed reputable vendors so that you can craft your own promotional strategy based on real data.

All things Social




WebCEO’s Social Media Metrics module allows you to analyze your social activity results. Not only will you know how many comments, likes and shares, +1s etc. your site pages and posts received, but also you'll be informed when your most important keywords (including competitor names) are mentioned on social networks.