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WebCEO Integrations with Analytical Data Providers

Monitor your competitors’ backlinks and traffic on the WebCEO platform!
Collect, keep and work on all of your Google data in one place!
Analyze your social performance and put everything in one consolidated SEO report!

Spy-on-Your-Competitors Integration

Backlinks for SEO are a means of creating authority to Google and readers, so a backlink competition analysis is a must-have procedure if you want your business to grow and your SEO to really work.
WebCEO will help you put together a file on your competitors with awesome integrations of authoritative SEO data sources. You will have a reliable base to start a process of link building using appropriate backlink strategies available at WebCEO.

In the WebCEO platform you can discover and analyze your competitors’ backlinks, traffic, social citations, and rankings.

Integration with Moz: Competitor Authority Analysis

Get informed about the reputations of your competitors on the web and identify which of them are your real opponents considering their DA and PA.

Domain and Page Authority are well-known metrics created by Moz to evaluate how popular a website and a page will be on the web. It has become such an important phenomena that webmasters often prefer to use these metrics in a competitor website analysis.

N/B: DA and PA are just predictions and are not official search engine ranking factors!

Go to the Rank Tracking Tool > Dangerous Competitors or the Competitor Metrics Tool > Link Profile

Competitors’ Domain and Page Authority via WebCEO’s Integration with Moz

Integration with Majestic: Competitor Backlink Quality Analysis

Analyze your competitors’ backlinks for URL Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Trust Flow, the number of inbound/outbound links, Domain Primary Topic and Topical Trust Flow. Determine which websites they have links from and grab these or similar links for yourself using proper link building strategies!

Pro Tip: for backlink building and increasing your own authority and popularity, first you have to find out which backlinks your competitors already have. They have done half the work for you.

Go to Backlink Profile > the Competitor Backlink Spy tool

Competitor Backlink Quality Analysis via WebCEO’s Integration with Majestic

Add Niche Recognized Metrics and Data to Your Performance Report

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Big Data Sources: Integration with Google Tools

On the WebCEO platform, you will have your web analytics data combined with your SEO data, an important combo that provides valuable insights. With WebCEO it doesn’t matter what you are: an SEO expert/specialist/consultant/freelancer or a beginner - Google data will no longer be an unintelligible system of huge reports.

Exhaustive Traffic Data via WebCEO’s Google Analytics 4 Integration.
UNIQUE WebCEO features

OPTIMIZED REPORTS for Analysis of Your Statistical Data

Google Analytics 4 reports are complex and hard to work with because they contain too much information. Some of the reports aren’t needed for your type of business. Luckily, we have solved this problem. The reports you usually work with on Google’s own interface will be sorted and organized with WebCEO on a popularity basis - you will see the reports you study most.

Data from The Integrations FUELS OTHER TOOLS within WebCEO

That data we will take from your account in Google Analytics will not operate strictly inside the borders of one tool. We will integrate it to the other no less important ones, for example the Rank Tracking Tool, to conduct a deeper analysis of your SEO situation.

CUSTOMIZABLE WIDGETS in the WebCEO Marketing Dashboard

We don’t always need to inspect long reports with multiple figures: during the brief check-up sessions we want to observe general website performance only. In the WebCEO SEO dashboard you will be able to customize your “report feed” adding and configuring necessary widgets.

Enjoy the Time- and Effort-Saving Process of Analysing Data:

1. Work with Comprehensive yet Simple SEO Reports:

  • Review the number of users and engaged sessions on your website across various traffic channels for the specified period of time
  • Filter the data to view the metrics for each event and conversion separately, or mix them up as needed to obtain a comprehensive overview
  • Review a detailed table of how much traffic you receive from various sources with detailed metrics
  • Track your success over time by comparing the current number of users, new users and engagement rate with previous time periods
  • See a brief report on your traffic in the “Tool Summary” report if you don’t have much time for an in-depth analysis

The WebCEO Google Analytics (GA4) Tool > Acquisition

Your Traffic Overview via WebCEO’s Integration with Google Analytics 4

2. Get Your Social Traffic Data Sorted and Prepared for Analysis:

  • Analyze your channels of social traffic and learn which of them provide the most value
  • Get info on each of the crucial metrics and reveal your weak and strong sides
  • Study well organized data, improve your social media strategy and optimize your ongoing and future campaigns for instant results
  • Retrieve details for sessions, events, and conversions specifically from social media traffic sources

The WebCEO Google Analytics (GA4) Tool > Acquisition > Social Traffic

Your Social Traffic via WebCEO’s Integration with Google Analytics 4

3. Go for Traffic Demographics:

  • See the demographic map to understand your audience better: where your content gets the most attention; which regions you lose value in; what places they need your products the most in
  • Analyze the top 15 countries, cities and languages with the greater number of users, sessions, conversions etc. over time. Having the Journal of Events integrated into the chart, you will be able to analyze if any of the specific Google algorithm updates have influenced your performance in these countries’ SERPs
  • Inspect the quality of your traffic by countries and cities: see the number of old and new users over a specific period of time, engaged sessions, engagement rate, event and conversion count, total revenue
  • Consider the above metrics in the context of the most popular language your users speak
  • Compare data with specific time periods in the past (available in all sub-reports)

The WebCEO Google Analytics (GA4) tool > Demographics

WebCEO Integration with Google Analytics 4: Demographics Data

Get Your Analytical Data Analyzed and Streamlined with WebCEO

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Your GSC Reports in One Place & in a Simplified Form via WebCEO’s
Google Search Console Integration

Learn Your SERP Performance Details for Different Types of Searches:

  • Get data on your “tops”: top queries, pages, countries, devices
  • Explore how your tops behave in different types of search: web, image, video
  • Use filters to exclude the ranges you don’t want to pay extra attention to
  • See brief data on your general performance if you are tight on time
  • Track the performance of your tops over time in a chart with the Journal of Events implemented - so you can see what might have caused any ups and downs (you can hide Events as well as the whole chart)
  • Analyze your keywords by Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Average position; deltas will show you how much you gained or lost for the last 30 days
WebCEO Integration with Google Search Console

Explore Your Advertising Campaign Performance via Google Ads Integration

Move to an Advanced and Simple Way of Analyzing the Results of Your PPC Campaigns:

  • Get a review on how profitable your ad campaigns are regarding Impressions, Clicks, CPC, Cost, Conversions, Cost per Conversion, Conversion Rate and get a visualized picture of their ups and downs through time in the Campaigns Chart
  • Compare the current behavior of your advertising campaigns with previous periods using a heatmap
  • Choose the time period for data presentation: last 7/14/28/30 days/week/month/3/6/12 months/last year/this year or your custom period
  • Delve into your ad groups results by events
  • Study how the keywords you’ve chosen for your advertising campaigns perform on the SERPs and what keywords have actually brought visitors to your website
  • Monitor the top search terms that trigger your ads i.e. which words a person enters when searching on Google. This report also helps you uncover fresh ideas for your ads and landing pagest, ensuring they effectively correspond with your customers' expectations
WebCEO Integration with Google Ads | Campaigns

Real Analysis of Your Local SEO Efforts via Google Business Profile Integration

Leave Today-only Google Business Profile Data Behind and Favor an In-Depth Longer Term Analysis. Prove Yourself to Be a Local SEO Expert in Front of Your Customers:

  • Save time with the “Tool Summary” report and a brief topbar subreport where you can see your location stats over the last 7/30/90 days or last 3/6/12 months
  • Review how your numbers on searches, views and interactions have gone up or down in charts or a summary table at the "Location Insights" tab
  • Work with Review feedback right within the platform: reply to comments, delete or edit your replies without need to go out of WebCEO
  • UNIQUE Monitor your local competitors: check their websites, contact information, track them on Google Maps, add them to other WebCEO instruments to see aspects they outdo your business by
  • UNIQUE Easily switch between multiple locations of your business chain
Your Local Insights via WebCEO’s Integration with Google Business Profile

WebCEO Has Been Top-Rated by:

Monitor Your Page Speed Issues and Address Them via WebCEO’s
Google PageSpeed Insights

Page Speed is Google’s Ranking Factor, Optimize Your Website and Avoid the Loss of Rank Positions:

  • See your page speed score and a loading imitation - the process of loading your website in pictures per millisecond
  • Get your field data: the time at which the first text appeared on the page, the point at which user interactivity became possible on that page, and if there any unexpected layout shifts
  • Examine your page speed optimization score over time in a special chart with the Google algorithm update history implemented in it
  • Use advice given in the tool report to eliminate issues that prevent fast page loading

Go to the Site Health > Landing Page SEO > Speed Optimization: there you will get your website audited and the results collected into a comprehensive SEO audit report.

Your Page Speed Analysis via WebCEO’s Integration with Google Page Speed Insights

Integration with Social Media Platforms

Social media integration is our step up to provide you with a high-grade, multichannel analysis of your marketing strategy. WebCEO’s Social Analytics module allows you to analyze your social engagement. Not only will you know how many comments, likes and shares, +1s etc. your site pages and posts received, but you'll also be informed when your most important keywords (including competitor names) are mentioned on social networks.

Learn what’s popular in your niche via the Niche Popular Topics report:

  • see how many reactions, shares and comments you get in comparison with your competitors
  • analyze the most popular posts in a summary table of the most popular posts on your pages and those of your competitors

Consider your page metrics:

  • likes
  • negative feedback
  • organic page reach
  • post engagement
  • all of the above mentioned compared with numbers from previous periods (1/2/3/4 weeks)

Study your audience, its: age, gender, country, language.

Go to the WebCEO Facebook Insights Tool

Find out:

  • how many shares of the pins you have on Pinterest
  • how many social citations of your homepage and those of your competitors were on Pinterest and Facebook
  • the amount of traffic you get from Pinterest

Go to the WebCEO Social Engagement Tool

The WebCEO Social Engagement Tool

Generate and Send Data via the WebCEO
SEO Reporting Tool

The process of gathering data is a time consuming process. One needs to find the right tools and synchronize them with your accounts from different data provider platforms. Then one needs to collect analytical data, track it over time and process it.

Then you will need to display that data to your customers or boss. This is no time for amateur hour. With the WebCEO SEO Reporting Tool you will be able to present professional SEO reports in a PDF or CSV format and share a link to a PDF.

To Use the WebCEO SEO Reporting Tool:

  • Choose the reports you want to include in a consolidated report while configuring the amount or type of data from each tool, for example, if you want to report only on your competitors, you might choose the Competitor Metrics and Competitor Backlink Spy tools to be featured in a report
  • Schedule regular scans of your projects and get notified about any technical or SEO issues
  • Set up an automated SEO report mailing to you or your customers
  • Customize your reports to demonstrate your authority in the niche by adding your logo, company name and corporate colors
The WebCEO White Label SEO Reports Customization and Configuration



Reliable data sources are a fundamental element in creating a marketing or SEO strategy and in analyzing the intermediate and end results of a campaign. Whatever you are going to do in terms of promoting your product, you will need to: collect, structure and analyze specific kinds of data to see:

  • how much traffic and attention you can receive with a product
  • how much this very product will cost you
  • what channels are the most profitable and which of them are suitable for your company
  • what your target audience is and how to behave with it

At least two of these problems you will not be able to solve without statistics. However, data will not fall out of the sky. You will need to find and use reliable data providers.

That’s why WebCEO has integrated only with the most world-reknowned data driven services that keep prominent positions in their niche.


WebCEO appreciates not only the precise data we get via integrations but also simplicity in usage. We turn reliable, clear but cumbersome and badly structured analytical data into simple SEO reports where any user will find everything he or she needs without any extra effort or steps. That simplicity in the background of comprehensive analysis from multiple channels is what we strive to implement to all of our marketing and SEO tools in order to ease the process of optimizing websites.

If you hesitate or are not sure if we are what we describe, you can use a 14-day Free Trial and get a free SEO report from any of our tools to see how we work with third-party data providers, structure information and check if your website is in compliance with on-page/off-page SEO, technical SEO and mobile SEO rules.


Competitors can help you in many ways without knowing:

  • Link Building: “steal” their backlinks with the help of your own content of higher quality (Skyscraper Technique; there are many more link building strategies you can acknowledge in the WebCEO Help Center);
  • Promotion: develop your own marketing strategy on the basis of competitor data. Using your rivals’ promotional strategies and exploring their dark spots and underdeveloped aspects, you will be able to devise your strategy, avoiding pitfalls and applying approaches your competitors successfully implemented. In its turn, a wisely designed SEO marketing strategy will bring you top rankings and high profits.
  • Upgrading: see what new features and updates your competitors offer and then do them one better. This is one of the ways to analyze what the audience needs and how it welcomes improvements.
  • Inspiration: any enhancements in a competitor’s product will push you towards improvements in your own product.

Bronson Harrington
The reports are awesome, the platform allows me to produce 2 types of reports.

- The summarized, detail free version of audits reports for management. This allows me to present only the information needed with minimal distraction;

- The full detailed version of audots for developers. This not only provides a clear list of issues and fixes, but the additional context about why fixing issues is important is something that developers appreciate.
Bronson Harrington, SEO Consultant, WordPress Webmaster, Developer

Analyze Data from Multiple Platforms in One Place

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