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SEO Bestiary: What Kind Are You?
by  | November 10, 2015

I am not going to talk about Panda, Penguin and even Platypus! This post is about us SEO workers who work diligently to make our sites visible and usable, who monitors every Google Update change and fine-tune sites to comply…

Content Freshness: I Want Moar Content!
by  | September 5, 2014

We fielded an interesting SEO question recently. “Is it really important to create more and more content to rank high?” – asked one of the WebCEO users on our Facebook page. By the way, we love to talk and are…

KEI: A Fossil or An Essential Metric?
by  | June 19, 2014

If you’ve been working at least half as long in the SEO industry as we’ve been, you should know about the KEI acronym. KEI stands for keyword effectiveness index. It was created as a statistic that reveals the most effective…

Spring-Cleaning: 3 Things You Can Do for Your Site Right Now
by  | April 2, 2014

Spring is in the air and we’re here to give your old stuffy marketing efforts a spring cleaning with the latest in website promotional technology. Nobody loves to do cleaning. That is why WebCEO wants to do it instead of…

Can Low Quality but Organic Links Hurt Your SEO?
by  | January 14, 2014

Our Support Angels were asked an interesting question recently: can low quality but absolutely organic links ruin SEO and decrease rankings. To answer the question we should first understand what is the difference between “low quality” and “low authority” backlinks….

SEO in Brief: Is Ranking Still Important?
by  | October 23, 2013

Q: After the Google Panda and Penguin updates my rankings decreased. I am afraid that this Hummingbird algorithm will bring nothing good too. Isn’t it better to forget about rankings and concentrate on social media? First of all, remember that…

SEO in Brief: Be Where Your Prospects Search For You
by  | August 30, 2013

Google Keyword Tool is no longer available for public use; you can use Google Keyword Planner Instead. The new feature that all local businesses like about this new Google Planner is the ability to target by city, region or country….

SEO in Brief: How to Remove URLs from Search Engine Indices
by  | July 23, 2013

Q: I think my website was hit by the Google Panda update because of low quality articles we had. How can I remove the URLs from a search engine index? First of all you can use the Noindex Metatag, which…