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SEO in Brief: How to Use Rel=Canonical Properly
by  | July 2, 2013

We hope you use the rel=canonical tag to tell search engines what version of duplicate pages (eg., you prefer to be indexed. This tag is supported by all major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. However it’s sometimes…

SEO in Brief: 301 vs. 404
by  | June 4, 2013

We are often asked what a webmaster should do after unwanted pages are deleted; whether the URLs should be 404 or 301-redirected. First of all let’s understand what 404 and 301 redirects are. A 404 Not Found means that the…

SEO in Brief: Keyword Cannibalism
by  | March 7, 2013

In lay terms “keyword cannibalism” is a situation where multiple pages are targeting the same keyword. Keyword cannibalism will not bring you a Google penalty, of course, but such a situation is not effective for bringing targeted traffic. When multiple…

SEO in Brief: Title Tag Length
by  | February 13, 2013

Q: Is it really bad for on-the-page SEO to have a Title tag longer than 65-70 characters? From the SEO point of view it is important to have your keywords in a Title tag. But remember that there should not…

SEO in Brief: What Kind of Content Do Search Engines Index?
by  | January 29, 2013

Our Web CEO Support Angels often receive SEO and SMO related questions and they do their best to explain search engine optimization basics, although their job is to specifically help you operate the Web CEO tools. We have decided to…

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