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Ultimate SEO Analysis and Optimization Advice

  • An SEO Audit of Your Site Structure

    Let Web CEO Online analyze your site structure. Get a detailed report on all possible SEO issues and ensure that your site is search engine-friendly.

  • SEO Analysis of Site Pages

    Check your site pages for Panda violations and other search engine optimization issues; get actionable advice on how to fix them.

  • Keyword-Focused Landing Page Optimization

    Make your site Hummingbird-friendly by shaping your site's semantic core in a proper way: run a keyword-specific search engine optimization analysis for every landing page and analyze all SEO-sensitive areas of each page to see how well each page is optimized.

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What You Get with the Web CEO SEO Analysis Tool

  • Site Structure Audit:

    Audit your site to ensure that the site structure is search engine-friendly, site URLs do not contain invalid characters, the Robots.txt file and XML sitemap are in place, etc.

  • General SEO Analysis:

    Run a general search engine optimization audit to safeguard your site from SEO issues, such as duplicate content, excessive number of H1 headings, etc.

  • Landing Page Optimization Report:

    See how well you have optimized each landing page for the selected keywords and phrases (keywords in URL, TITLE, body, ALTs etc.). Be sure to focus on the right keywords, including synonymic phrases and long-tail keywords (important in the era of the Google Hummingbird update).

  • Integration with the Web CEO Keyword Suggestion Tool:

    The Web CEO Site Auditor grabs keywords directly from Web CEO's Keyword Tool, so you'll be able to easily assign previously analyzed keywords for each landing page that you optimize.

  • Easy-to-Follow Optimization Advice:

    Hover your mouse over a question mark next to an SEO issue found on your site; you'll find easy-to-follow instructions.

  • DIY SEO Checklist:

    Use a step-by-step SEO Roadmap (available in the top right of the Web CEO Platform interface) to analyze your niche, pick the best-performing keywords, optimize your site, promote it on the web and analyze your performance.

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