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How to Perform a Website SEO Analysis with the Web CEO Content Optimization Tool

After you've conducted keyword research and decided on keywords and phrases that you will use for search engine optimization, run the SEO analysis with Web CEO’s Content Optimization tool to get up-to-date SEO advice.

Now that Google's Panda update has become a part of the Google algorithm, the main task for each site owner or SEO specialist is removing all signs of dangerous black-hat SEO techniques that might ruin your high rankings or even get you penalized.

When cleaning up your site you should consider duplicate content and duplicate META information on your pages, unnatural use of keywords on a page (keyword stuffing), excessive number of H1 headings, spammy black-hat techniques, non SEO-friendly redirects.

The 'On-Site SEO' report of the Web CEO Content Optimization tool provides you with the following info:

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  • Quantity of duplicate META tags on your pages;
  • The number of outgoing links on your site pages (excessive outgoing links might flag Google and invite a link farm penalty);
  • Presence of an XML sitemap and robots.txt;
  • Usage of H1 headings on your pages;
  • SEO-friendly or non SEO-friendly redirects.

You will receive a great SEO report pinpointing many frequent problems such as missing or duplicate titles, search engine unfriendly URL structure, search engine unfriendly redirection methods used, a missing Sitemap or robots.txt file and many other nasty things that may prevent your site pages from getting high search engine rankings.

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages

Not all pages are created equal. You do not want visitors to come to an "About Us" page. You will want them to come to a special page where they can perform your targeted action. With that in mind, create a landing page for each set of important keywords that bring you traffic and be sure the URL, Title, headings, body and ALT Image tags of the page include one or more of those target keywords. One goal, one action, one page.

Schedule the Web CEO Site Auditor reports emailing

The Web CEO Online 'Landing Page SEO’ report allows you to select important pages of your site and check if these pages are properly optimized for key phrases or pinpoint any over-optimization that might cost you a Google ban. This On-the-page SEO analysis will tell you if your keywords are used in the page areas that search engines consider important for high rankings.

The "Landing Page SEO" report of the Web CEO Content Optimization tool provides you with the following on-the-page info:

  • Keyword presence in the TITLE tag;
  • Keyword presence in headings;
  • Keyword stuffing;
  • Keyword presence in ALT attributes of images.

As it is technically impossible to have a page optimized for many keywords at once, it is recommended that you use up to three key phrases per page each including two or three words. For example, if the main phrase is "Hawaii vacation homes," the two supporting phrases might be "Hawaii vacation rentals" and "Hawaii beach homes."

Schedule the Web CEO Site Auditor reports emailing

Regular site audits can be extremely valuable to a successful, ongoing Internet marketing strategy. That is why scheduling monthly site SEO audit reports is vital. With the Web CEO Online Content Optimization tool you can set up automated report scanning and schedule report emailing. We recommend monthly scanning for sites that update often. To schedule report emailing go to the 'Reports' link at the top of the Web CEO Online interface and add a new client whom you authorize to receive periodic reports. You can also activate the publishing of reports on an external domain for this client.

Combining WebCEO's Content Optimization tool with the Broken Links tool, you will build a quality website that will rank high and invoke visitor trust.

Create your free Web CEO Online account and get rid of issues restraining you from high rankings and conversions.