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How to Improve Your Backlink Profile in the Post-Penguin Era

Why you should know how many backlinks your site has

Links have always been a significant part of search engine ranking algorithms. The more websites point to a site, the more important the site is considered to be by search engines. In the last few years, the focus of search engines' appreciation has shifted specifically to backlinks from reputed and theme-relevant sites. Such quality links boost a site's search engine rankings a lot, while a low-quality backlink profile may dampen your rankings seriously.

Learn who links to you

With the 'Linking Domains' and 'Linking Pages' reports you will get a full list of all incoming links to your website found by Ahrefs.

In the 'Linking Domains' report you will see the total number of links pointing to your website from this domain, the number of links that pass link juice to your pages, the amount of NoFollow and potentially toxic links, the home page PR and DMOZ category the site is listed in and its Alexa Traffic Rank.

Backlink Checker - Linking Pages

The 'Linking Pages' report shows the link type and link text, target page, Google PR of the linking page and the home page of the site and the status of this link. In the 'Status' column you will see whether this link is good for your link profile. In some cases a link may be marked as toxic: 1) if the number of outbound links on the linking page is excessive, 2) if the number of backlinks from the same subnet is excessive, 3) if the link is Sitewide, 4) if there are too much backlinks from the same domain.

You may manually mark low-quality links toxic to add them to the Toxic Links report and tell Google to ignore them via the Google Disavow tool.

Keep your finger on your site's backlink quality

Backlink Quality Checker - Dashboard

Go to the Backlink Quality Check Tool Summary to get a quick overview of your backlink profile quality. Here you will find widgets that help you quickly estimate the number of backlinks pointing to your site, the diversity of linking domains, their value and toxicity.

You can use 3 predefined sets of widgets and customize them to meet your needs. Add donut charts illustrating the variety of link texts, linking domains and subnets of linking domains.

Colorful pie charts will show you the ratio of NoFollow and DoFollow backlinks, sitewide and non-sitewide links, images and text links, toxic and high-qualitative backlinks.

With line charts you will be able to monitor your link popularity compared to those of your competitors. A special summary table will show the number of backlinks, linking pages, unique IP addresses of linking domains, linking domains (including .GOV and .EDU) and unique subnets of linking domains.

Track the efficiency of your backlinks

Backlink Quality Checker - Dashboard

You should remember that backlinks are not only meant to show search engines that your website is popular around the web. They also should bring targeted traffic that will convert into clients. The best way to track the backlinks you've gotten is to use the WebCEO Backlink Integrity Tracking tool.

Add the pages where the links you want to monitor are placed. The Backlink Integrity Tracking tool gives you a report for a specific link showing the link text, Google PR of the linking page, the number of external links on that page and notifies you, if the link has the Nofollow attribute, if a user-agent cloaking is applied, if the page is blocked in the robots.txt, or if the link text has changed. With this report you can always know whether or not the links that bring you traffic are intact.

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