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Web CEO Online Pricing

Choose your plan and delegate SEO routines to Web CEO

Go professional
Plan Pro Platinum Gold Silver Free
Active projects
($2 per project / mo)
25 10 5 2
Keywords tracked by Rank Checker
($0.004 per query)
750 per account 300 per account 100 per account 5 per account
SERP scan depth in Rank Checker 10 pages 5 pages 3 pages 3 pages 3 pages
Pages to check and optimize with Broken Links and Content Optimization
(max 50,000 per project)
(max 1,000 per project)
(max 1,000 per project)
(max 1,000 per project)
(max 100 per project)
Backlinks analyzed for your projects with the Backlink Quality Checker
(max 50,000 per project)
125,500 per account
(max 25,000 per project)
30,000 per account
(max 3,000 per project)
5,000 per account
(max 1,000 per project)
40 per account
(max 20 per project)
Competitor backlinks analyzed (up to 5 domains to compare)
(max 50,000 competitor backlinks per domain)
62,500 per account
(max 500 competitor backlinks per domain)
25,000 per account
(max 500 competitor backlinks per domain)
7,500 per account
(max 300 competitor backlinks per domain)
Keywords monitored by Social Buzz
(max 20 per project)
500 per account
(max 20 per project)
100 per account
(max 10 per project)
25 per account
(max 5 per project)
4 per account
(max 2 per project)
Scheduled report scanning daily weekly weekly weekly -
API access
Branded SEO reports (PDF)
Branded SEO tools
(on a custom domain)
Learn more
Multi-user access
Regular price
$99/ mo
+ extra scanning costs
$349/ mo $149/ mo $69/ mo Free
Super-Saver Price (valid with a yearly subscription) $262/ mo $111/ mo $52/ mo

A Short Guide On How To Work With Your Site Using WebCEO Online

Presales Questions and Answers

What is the cost of the Pro plan?

The Pro plan will let you pay only for the resources that you use and thus minimize the monthly spend per site. Your monthly spend with the Pro plan consists of the fixed service fee of $99/mo and extra scanning costs per data queries ($2.00 for an active project, $0.004 for one rank checker query, $0.0004 for 1 analyzed backlink). Please use the 'Calculate' button under the Pro plan column to estimate your monthly spend (discounts available).

What's the difference between the Web CEO Online Cloud-based SEO Platform and Web CEO Desktop Tools?

Web CEO Desktop is a classic desktop SEO tools package that has been popular on the market and constantly updated since 2001. It includes SEO tools for ranking checks, backlink analysis, content submission and other website maintenance applications.
You can download a free trial here

Web CEO Online is a cutting-edge browser-based service that went online in late 2010 and which is now considered by SEO experts to be in the top 3 or top 10 of all online SEO tools. Web CEO Online has a lightning-fast rank checker, a Penguin-proof toxic backlink analyzer based on Google guidelines, a Panda-proof website SEO auditor, a social signals tracker and more tools for in-house and agency team activities. The cloud-based SEO platform lets users use the service no matter what operating system they have on their device. Web CEO Online supports Unicode keywords, which is crucial for those who use languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Today Web CEO Online is the most feature-rich SEO platform ; it even allows you to configure a custom domain that will host our cloud SEO tools labeled with your private logo, header, footer and custom design.
Try out the free service plan

Are there any discounts and special offers available at the moment?

With annual subscription you get 25% off.
With a 3-month subscription you get 10% off.
The Pro plan introduces discounts for scanning costs – they vary from 10%-37% depending on the payment sum. Find out more by clicking the 'Calculate' link under the Pro plan.
Contact to subscribe for special offers and service updates.

Can I use Web CEO Online with my colleagues?

Yes, starting with the Silver plan, the Web CEO Online service allows you to share projects with colleagues and manage user roles. Go to My account -> User Manager to add a user.

Do you have video tutorials or other help files for Web CEO Online SEO Platform?

Please refer to the SEO Checklists available right inside the Web CEO Online service - they contain steps needed to be done for search engine optimization and refer to and link to the Web CEO SEO tools you will need.

How can I move from Web CEO Desktop to Web CEO Online?

If you already own Web CEO Desktop and would like to move to Web CEO Online, we're ready to provide you with a Web CEO Online subscription plan - just contact and ask for a transfer.

How is the Web CEO Online cloud-based SEO Platform different from other services?

We did our best and created an unbiased review of Web CEO and other SEO tools in the industry, it's here.

How do I cancel my Web CEO Online subscription?

You can downgrade to the Free plan or upgrade to any other plan at anytime by going to 'Account' -> 'Plans and pricing' in your Web CEO Online dashboard. After you downgrade to the Free plan, you will not be charged the next month. Your current projects will be suspended with only two active projects left. Your project history will stay intact.

Need more help?

Please don't hesitate to write to our support team with any questions on Web CEO.


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