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Find the best keywords to optimize your site pages for with the Web CEO Online Keyword Research Tool

Why conducting thorough keyword research is a must

You can start selecting keywords for your online business by guessing. However, you shouldn't finish the keyword selection without comparing your guessed best keywords to the keywords that people actually look for on search engines.

Web CEO Online includes an application that is based on the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. The Online Keyword Tool lets you request and analyze the popularity of keyword queries related to your industry.

Compile your best keywords list with the online Keyword Tool

The Web CEO Online Keyword Tool offers three great sources of keywords and phrases for you to select from.

  1. Get Suggestions - entering a single key phrase is enough to start your comprehensive keyword research. Type in your main keyword and get the keyword combinations and related phrases that millions of Google users actually search for.
  2. The Spy on Competitors keyword research method is based on an analysis of a competitor website's content. Here, you should specify your competitor's URL and the application will conduct a search for the keywords frequently used there, and provide you with those keywords together with the Google search volume, AdWords bid competition and Google search trends statistics.
  3. The Suggestions from Analytics report shows how many organic visits for the last 30 days were brought to your site by your keywords. The visits are taken from Google Analytics, so you'll need to activate it for your account in the 'Web Analytics' tool. Here you have the possibility to select the most promising keywords and add them to your keyword basket.
online keyword tool

So, how do you find the best keywords? Employ all methods so you won't miss any good phrase that can be used either in your website's content, tags and marketing materials, or to use in your pay-per-click ad campaigns.

Use the selected keywords for search engine optimization and ranking checks

When you work with your projects, you will need to use the selected keywords many times in different tools in order to check rankings or to create an SEO analysis report. In Web CEO you can use tags to group keywords together, making it easier for you to operate.

Tags let you use keyword groups for faster SEO analysis and Rank Checker tool configuration: you don't need to enter these keywords again, just select the needed tag to show a keyword list and put a checkmark next to the keywords you need.

Sign up with WebCEO Online to make your website communicate with visitors in the most efficient way

Find the best keywords considered important and relevant by search engines and humans alike. With the built-in site improvement checklist on hand and the online keyword tool, it will be easy for you to research keywords, pick up the most relevant ones and use them for your site's on-the-page optimization.