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Your Response to the Google Hummingbird Update:
Web CEO Internal Links Optimization Tool

Web CEO Internal Links Optimization Tool
  • Internal Link Structure Optimization

    Optimize your website structure and improve internal linking to establish your site's theme for search engines to understand it easily.

  • Important Pages Rankings Boost

    The pages that convert visitors (your landing pages) should be the most authoritative pages of your site. Analyze their current authority and improve this by proper internal linking.

  • Find Link Opportunities

    Discover relevant pages with high authority and then place a link on them to your landing pages to improve their visibility.

  • Beautiful PDF Reports Branded with Your Logo

    Provide professionally-looking PDF reports to your customers and earn big margins.

What You Get with the Web CEO Internal Links Optimization Tool

  • Site Structure Analysis:

    Analyze the internal structure of your site to be sure your site benefits the most from the Google Hummingbird update.

  • Link Text Analysis:

    Research how search engines understand your website's theme by analyzing what link texts are used in internal incoming and outgoing links.

  • Link Juice Passed:

    Investigate how much link juice your authoritative pages pass and receive and optimize the link juice flow.

  • Blocked Pages List:

    Be sure the link juice of your website is not wasted.

  • Landing Page Analysis:

    Analyze your landing pages and know how authoritative they are in the eyes of the search engines.

  • Link Opportunities:

    Improve your landing page authority and, thus, rankings. Find the most relevant pages that will pass enough link juice to them.

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