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Web CEO Online SEO Tools at a glance

  • SEO Audit, Social Metrics, Link Building and Marketing Analytics for your campaigns under one roof!

    WebCEO Online is a web-based SEO software platform that provides you with a comprehensive set of tools for website search engine optimization. It meets the demand for SEO with all possible consumers - from webmasters and standalone SEOs to large digital marketing agencies.

  • What can I do with the Web CEO Online SEO Platform?

    Whether your site is new or it was built earlier, WebCEO Online will help you minimize your effort and even run your SEO routines for you automatically if you wish.

    You get 13 Web CEO tools divided into 4 logical groups: Site Audit, Link Building, Social Metrics and Marketing Analytics.

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Site Audit

    Keyword tool:

  • Insightful keyword suggestions on the most profitable keywords
  • Suggestions from your Google Analytics account on underestimated yet powerful keywords (currently works for all search engines except Google, because of Google’s policy)
  • Keyword suggestions garnered from competing sites

    Internal Links Optimization tool:

  • Internal link text analysis to help you establish your site theme and get the most from semantic search
  • Page authority analysis to see how search engines treat your Landing page analysis to find link opportunities and increase your landing pages search visibility

    SEO Analysis tool:

  • A general SEO audit report with warnings and helpful advice
  • A keyword-specific optimization report covering all SEO-prominent page areas

    Sitemap Generation tool:

  • An XML sitemap creation tool
  • Sitemap pages indexation monitoring

    Technical Audit tool:

  • A site health report for better site usability and indexability

Social Metrics

    Web Buzz Monitoring tool:

  • Monitoring your brand reputation
  • Tracking hot topics in your industry
  • Evaluating the results of your social media activity

    Social Engagement tool:

  • Track the social activity backlinking to your target pages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Analyze your competitors' activities to set realistic benchmarks for your brand

    Social Traffic tool:

  • Social activity effectiveness (by Google Analytics)

Marketing Analytics

    Rank Tracking tool:

  • 350+ global and local search engines to track
  • Tracking hot topics in your industry
  • Evaluating the results of your social media activity
  • Comparison of ranking data with competitors
  • Keyword tagging and report filters for better report navigation

    Competitor Metrics:

  • Competitor traffic overview to estimate how many prospects your competitors may have
  • Competitor link profile analysis to see how your site is doing against competition
  • Competitor rankings to fine-tune your pages and outrank competition

    Web analytics tool:

  • Your Google Analytics data integrated with your Web CEO Online account
  • Competing site data provided by Compete
  • Traffic Rank Trends provided by Alexa

    Google Web Search Queries:

  • An integrated Google Webmaster Tools report to see the top search queries that bring visitors to your site
  • Information on impressions and clicks to help you optimize pages for the best-performing keywords

What are my options for providing reports to clients?

You can share reports in different ways:

The reports can be emailed to you and to your clients. You can email an individual report from a tool manually or schedule a complex report of selected tools. With the Pro Plan or Platinum Plan you can customize the report with your company logo.

View a sample customized report in PDF

Pro Plan users can publish reports on a custom domain or sub-domain of their main website (such as an agency website) and their clients can be given access to those reports. This is referred to as the Web CEO White Label Domain service.

You can request the Web CEO API so the SEO data can be used in your own company reports or your application interface.


Web CEO Online offers collaboration facilities. Users of paid service plans can allow any other Web CEO Online users (including the free ones) to work on their sites. You can share projects with them and provide them with various levels of permission (limits on keywords, scan frequency, ability to create new projects).

  • Optimize and promote your site for tons of the most targeted traffic
  • Monitor your site performance
  • Improve results