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Use the Search Engine and Directory Submission Service to Obtain Useful Backlinks and Traffic

Why search engine and directory submission is important

Today's Web is constantly changing, and the idea of 'search engine submission' has become wider than before. Now it refers not only to web pages that you submit to various search engines, it also means the possibility of adding different content types to specialized search engines and directories. Web CEO helps you submit to high authority sites, avoiding 'bad neighborhoods.'

Website content submission is important for two reasons: first, a search engine submission is a fast way to tell a search engine about your site or its changes, and second, submission to general and niche quality directories is a free or inexpensive way to obtain good backlinks. The Web CEO Online Content Submission Tool lets you submit all types of content to relevant search engines. See the description below.

Use the automatic search engine submission service

search engine submission service

It is very easy to set up the search engine submission tool. You only need to fill in your website title, description, keywords and categories, and your contact information to have the automatic search engine submission service ready to start contacting search engines and submit your website information.

As a result of a successful search engine submission, you will see the name of a search engine or directory iconized with a green checkmark. In case of a failed submission, you will be informed of that with the exclamation point checkmark near the search engine; and you will be prompted to resubmit.

Manual directory submission

Submission to directories (the 'Standard' tab) is rather a good practice. Most search engines, and Google in particular, value backlinks from authority sites. That is why directory submission can be used as a proven technique.

As a result, you will have your website listed on the same page that gives space to other good websites from your industry. A big problem that occurred with directories over the years was that, out of a large number of directories, only a few provided really valuable listings. Backlinks from 99% of small directories were neglected by search engines. Many were and are concerned link farms. In the Web CEO Online Submission Service, we have hand-picked only the directories that are worth your time and effort - those that have authority.

Submission to Local Directories

Web CEO contains a list of the best local business directories for you to submit your website. Manual submission to quality directories helps you consider the nuances of the directory and use the best matching description for your site.

Submit many other types of content

In addition to search engine and directory submission, Web CEO Online helps you submit your products or services to shopping search engines. If you produce quality content like press releases, photos and videos, infographics, PDF docs, you can submit these to corresponding content services.

After you've completed most of your tasks, see how your efforts have influenced your website visibility with the online Rank Checker.

search engine submission service

If your website contains product technical and description information files (.PAD file), Web CEO will submit these to most popular download sites.

If you run a blog, you can submit it to RSS feed directories, blog search engines and directories, as well as blogger communities. If you run an affiliate program, you will be able to submit this to affiliate program directories.

This is a sure way to increase your site's link popularity with relevant, one-way and keyword-optimized backlinks.

After you've completed most of your tasks, see how your efforts have influenced your website visibility with the online Rank Checker.

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