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An SEO Analysis Tool for Website Audits & SEO Reporting

Use WebCEO's SEO Analysis Tool to run SEO audits of your site and make it search-engine-friendly. Optimize your site for mobile search. Perform keyword-focused SEO for each landing page to benefit from the Google Hummingbird algorithm.

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SEO Analysis Report from WebCEO

What You Get with the WebCEO SEO Analysis Tool

  • On-Site SEO Issues Overview:

    Do regular website audits to ensure that your site is search engine-friendly, page URLs do not contain invalid characters, the Robots.txt file and XML sitemap are in place, your TITLEs and Description tags are unique (no duplicate content issues), etc.

  • Mobile SEO Tools and Advice:

    Detect mobile SEO issues that may influence your landing page rankings in mobile search; get recommendations on how to fix them. Tip: Once you are done with mobile SEO, be sure to track your mobile rankings with WebCEO's Rank Tracking > My Site Rankings tool.

  • Landing Pages SEO Overview:

    Stack pages of your site against each other from an SEO standpoint: see an SEO score for each landing page and the number of SEO issues found, Google mobile friendliness and page speed score, an average ranking position on Google, the volume of visitor traffic this page has brought you within the last 30 days, and more.

  • Easy-to-Follow SEO Tips and Advice:

    When exploring SEO reports provided by the WebCEO SEO Analysis tool, pay special attention to the "Critical issues" and "Consider fixing" sections. Pick an SEO issue, expand its description and click on the "How to fix" button; you'll find detailed easy-to-follow instructions.

  • On-Page SEO Report on Each Landing Page

    Get a detailed SEO report on each landing page that you are optimizing: learn about all critical issues found on your page and use SEO tips on how to avoid a Google penalty. Check each landing page for mobile friendliness, valid URL structure, Schema markup and Open Graph markup, and more.

  • Integration with the WebCEO Keyword Research Tool:

    The WebCEO SEO Analysis tool grabs keywords directly from WebCEO's Keyword Research Tool, so you'll be able to easily assign previously analyzed keywords for each landing page that you optimize.

  • Page Speed Test:

    Impatient customers don't like waiting, so be sure to check if your pages load fast. The Page Speed test will detect the issues that make your page load time longer; it will also give you practical tips on how to fix each issue and increase page speed.

  • DIY SEO Checklist:

    Build your Internet Marketing strategy with a detailed step-by-step DIY SEO Checklist available in your Site Dashboard. Streamline your SEO activities and automate SEO tasks with WebCEO.

And start running an SEO audit for your site right away!