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SEO Content Assistant by WebCEO

Discover competing pages and beat them at their own game:

Discover the URLs of competing pages that steal all the best traffic for your targeted keywords.
Run an SEO content analysis to audit the page code and text for each competing page.
Follow SEO recommendations to outperform these URLs on Google.

How to Optimize Your Page Content Efficiently with WebCEO’s SEO Content Checker

Discover the URLs (not websites) that Score the Best for Your Keywords

To provide the best copywriting, you should know where your competitors stand and what they have to offer. This is where WebCEO’s SEO content checker tool comes into place.

Enter a bunch of your targeted keywords to spot the best pages (URLs) of your competitors who are fighting for the same pool of keywords.

Compare important SEO metrics for each page, see which ones can give you an advantage after you fine-tune your pages.

Discover the URLs (not websites) that score the best for your keywords

Run an On-Page Keyword Analysis

Keywords build up the semantic core of your website, so be sure to use them as tactical weapons on each page.

Run a quick audit with WebCEO’s SEO Content Checker to get an on-page keyword analysis report for each analyzed page. Use the keyword placement map to see how exactly and where your competitors are using your targeted keywords. This tool finds the actual pages that the competitor scores best with.

Get inspired and fine-tune your pages to make them more competitive.

Run an On-Page Keyword Analysis

Get SEO Advice Based on Your Competitors’ Performance

Collective wisdom is a great thing, so use it for SEO content analysis and make your pages stand out from the crowd.

Content length and content difficulty, the number of keyword mentions in the page copy and SEO-sensitive areas, high quality backlinks and Facebook mentions.

WebCEO will explore all these factors for each analyzed competing page, and provide you with aggregated SEO advice based on best practices.

Get SEO Advice Based on Your Competitors’ Performance

How WebCEO Helps SEO Professionals Do Their Job Better:

Bernd Oldenbeuving
We use WebCEO in different ways for different customers. Some do the fine tuning themselves, others choose to have Oltech guide them through the SEO World. Both are provided with quality data, but on different levels. WebCEO has the power to provide reports for different levels of end users, making it a valuable tool for us and for our customers.

WebCEO gave us the tools to expand our business and increase customer satisfaction!
Bernd Oldenbeuving, Founder and CEO of Oltech Solutions

SEO Content Assistant FAQ

How does WebCEO’s content checker detect the URLs of my most dangerous competitors?

The WebCEO logic is simple. The web pages (not domains) that compete the best in rankings for a number of your targeted keywords are the best places to look for clues on how you can beat your competitors.

Once you enter several of your targeted keywords, the WebCEO SEO Content Assistant will spot the URLs that do best in Google for each individual keyword, discover intersections, and provide a list of those pages that occupy top positions in the SERPs for several keywords at one time.

How many keywords can I enter to detect the best competing URLs?

It is recommended to enter at least 5 keywords to see intersecting sites competing for the same bunch of keywords. The keywords should really hone in on what you do, such as a manufacturer of windows or an installer of windows in Joplin, MO. Don’t just type in “windows.”

Depending on your subscription plan, you can add a different number of keywords per scan:

Solo Plan: 5 keywords / scan, 15 keywords/ mo in total.
Startup Plan: 5 keywords / scan, 30 keywords/ mo in total.
Corporate Plan: 10 keywords / scan, 50 keywords/ mo in total.
Agency Unlimited Plan: 15 keywords / scan, first 50 keywords/ mo are FREE, $0.10 for every other keyword.

How does the WebCEO Content Assistant produce SEO content advice?

After detecting the most dangerous webpages (URLs) that are fighting for your targeted keywords, WebCEO will then do a real-time analysis of their on-page and off-page SEO factors, such as content length and content difficulty, the number of keyword mentions in the SEO-sensitive areas of each page (meta tags and text), the number of high quality backlinks pointing to each analyzed page, Facebook mentions, etc.

You will then be prompted to add keywords to your page content and meta tags, work on your content length and content difficulty, build a specific number of backlinks to that particular page, improve your page speed, etc.

For Whom is WebCEO’s Content Checker Tool?

The WebCEO SEO Content Assistant is a must-have tool for in-house SEO copywriters and freelancers who want to make their content rank high on the search engines and bring visitor traffic, without compromising text quality.

This tool is also great for individual SEO practitioners and marketers who want to run real-time SEO content analysis and assign tasks to their copywriters - to overcome competitors in terms of content.

Optimize Your Page Content Efficiently!

Run an SEO Content Analysis
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