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Quick Domain Analysis Tool for SEO:
Scan Up to 100 Domains Simultaneously

Competitor Research and Link Building Made Easier!

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Make These SEO Tasks Easier:

Competitor Research

  • Analyze up to 100 domains simultaneously
  • Get crucial analytical data on their performance
  • Filter domains by metrics
  • Build a list of the most and least serious competitors
  • Study where competitor websites win and lose with the heatmap

Link Building

  • Create a list of the most beneficial domains for link building in your niche
  • Choose domains with the greatest traffic and highest DA. Then approach these people for links
  • Track specific links in the Partner Link Watch Tool

Niche Analysis

  1. Add your domain to the research list
  2. Compare your metric indices to domains you have chosen for research
  3. See your strong and weak sides against your suppliers, influencers, customers and competitors
  4. Design a strategy to improve your numbers and take a more prominent position

Get Each Detail Analyzed and Filtered:
Simplify Your Workflow and High Up Your Efficiency

Essential Analytical Data

  • See data for important industry metrics: Moz DA, organic traffic, Domain Trust Flow, Citation Flow, quantity of backlinks that are provided by Moz and Majestic at no extra cost!
  • Learn how old or young your competitors are and their websites’ scale: identify those who will be the most dangerous ones in the future and who are giving ground right now.
  • Analyze which domains are the most authoritative by the number of domains linking to them with good trust flow.
  • Narrow your competitor circle by sorting and filtering.
  • View what meta title tag a competitor has chosen and analyze its keywords.
WebCEO Quick Domain Analysis Tool | Essential Analytical Data

Handy Filters and Sorting

  • A lot of data is not everything. You will want data cleaned and sorted. With a range of filters, you can winnow out uninteresting domains and form a list you prefer more.
  • Besides set filter ranges, you can create custom ones.
  • The list can also be sorted by metrics: just a click on any column header will reorganize the whole table.
WebCEO Quick Domain Analysis Tool | Handy Filters

Download the Results

To work with results in a spreadsheet, you will be able to download a CSV or PDF after the analysis itself.

WebCEO Quick Domain Analysis Tool | Download the Results

Leave Notes

Write down anything you want including future steps, messages to your team members or to yourself, some reminders and so on.

You can leave a note any time: before the research is done or after.

WebCEO Quick Domain Analysis Tool | Leave Notes

Research History

You will have a list of your previous research reports available at any moment. If you need a list of domains you researched before, you will know where to find it!

WebCEO Quick Domain Analysis Tool | Research History

Start your research and find out who your prime competitors are!

Free 14-day Trial. No credit card required

White Label Domain: Start Your Business and Let Your Customers Conduct Quick Domain Researches

A QUICK REFERENCE: White Label Domain is a step up for those who have enlarged their business and want to work as a company with its own distinctive tools on their own domain or subdomain.

It allows users to use the WebCEO platform as their own for $20/month, change its design and place their own logo and corporate color palette. All the signs of WebCEO authorship are hidden when you activate this feature.

After activating the White Label Domain feature you will be able to control everything within the platform: access to the tools, limits, team roles and so on. In the case of the Quick Domain Analysis Tool, the following is permitted:

  • to prohibit or allow access to this tool to your users and/or specific team members
  • to set research limits
  • to switch the "shared access" on: each member of your SEO team will be able to use the tool and the "created by" filter will appear in the table with the research history
WebCEO Quick Domain Analysis Tool | White Label Domain, Role Editor

Teamwork Regime Rules

The WebCEO Remote Team Workspace is a special feature which allows an SEO team to comfortably work at a distance. Add users, assign and track tasks for your team.

If you use the teamwork feature, the access to the Quick Domain Analysis tool will be available to any member of the team. The "created by" filter will appear.

Choose the Most Suitable Plan and Start Your Research!


3 free reports over 14 days

Limit: 5 domains per research

Analyze your competitors and outperform them with WebCEO!

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