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Optimize Social Media to Enhance Your Brand Authority

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Maximize Your Social Media Strategy

Facebook Insights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your Facebook page's performance

Page Metrics

  • Monitor the reach, likes, comments, and shares of your posts to understand what resonates most with your audience
  • Find out if your readers have un-liked or hidden your posts from their timelines
  • Improve your content strategy based on real-time data and insights
WebCEO Social Media Analytics tools | Facebook Insights - Page Metrics screenshot

Page Demographics

  • Gain a deep understanding of your audience's age, gender, and location
  • Tailor your messages to resonate and connect with your target demographics
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns with precise targeting
WebCEO Social Media Analytics tools | Facebook Insights - Page Demographics screenshot

Niche Popular Topics

  • Discover popular discussions and highly shared content in your niche
  • Refine content strategy to align with audience interests
  • Empower strategic planning with insights from up to 5 competitors' pages
  • Drive interaction by confidently participating in and leading relevant discussions
WebCEO Social Media Analytics tools | Facebook Insights - Niche Popular Topics screenshot

Social Engagement

Discover Your Top Pages, Compare Popularity, and Measure Social Media Traffic

Social Citations

  • Identify which content gets the most likes, shares, and comments on Facebook and Pinterest
  • Boost your social presence and visibility by focusing on high-engagement content
  • Develop a content strategy that captures attention and fosters customer loyalty
WebCEO Social Media Analytics tools | Social Citations screenshot

Competitor Social Citations

  • Compare your homepage's social performance to your competitors'
  • Identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop strategies to outrank them and capture more market share
WebCEO Social Media Analytics tools | Competitor Social Citations screenshot

Social Traffic Analysis

  • Connect Google Analytics 4 to track engaged sessions, events, conversions, and revenue
  • Identify the most effective social channels to maximize ROI
  • Make data-driven decisions to drive growth and optimize your marketing efforts
WebCEO Social Media Analytics tools | Social Traffic Analysis screenshot

Stay Informed with Web Buzz Monitoring

Discover Mentions, Join Conversations, and Increase Traffic

  • Enter your company name, the brand names you want to monitor and turn this tool into a powerful asset for managing your online reputation
  • Track industry trends: set Web Buzz Monitoring to search for keywords relevant to your industry and always be aware of the latest hot topics
  • Participate in relevant discussions to build authority and generate new links and targeted traffic
  • Customize keyword tracking using exact matches and exclusions for precise results
  • Specify preferred languages for news posts to get relevant updates
WebCEO Social Media Analytics tools | Web Buzz Monitoring screenshot


Stay informed about the changes in your social media metrics over time using visually engaging and descriptive widgets

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