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2 FOR 1 + Five Free Multiple Users 

Ooops. Our Special Offer is over, but you can contact our Support Angels for the upcoming promotions

Time left to buy:
Annually (save 3 months)

Order 1, 3, 6 or 12 months of any priced plan (Agency Unlimited, Corporate or Startup) and use the WebCEO platform 2 times longer than you'll pay for.

A pro-level SEO platform
for site owners and SEO startups
$74 /mo
if paid annually
mo free

5 projects

200 unique keywords (3 SE combinations/project)

5 SERP scan depth

Weekly automated scanning Manual rank check possible

5,000 pages audited for SEO/technical issues
(1,000 pages/project)

10,000 backlinks analyzed (2,000 backlinks/project)

Quick Domain Analysis
3 free researches per day

3 Google Business Profile Locations

5 SEO leads per day

Branded SEO reports

SEO Teamwork (unlimited users)

most popular
Agency Unlimited
Marketing Platform for SEO experts and agencies with multiple client sites
SEO Budget Calculator
$74 /mo
if paid annually
+ scanning fees
mo free

Unlimited projects $2 per active project/mo

Unlimited keywords (unlimited search engines)
$4/1,000 rank queries

10 SERP scan depth

Daily automated scanning Manual rank check possible

Unlimited pages audited for SEO/technical issues
(max 50,000 pages/project)
no extra cost per scan

Unlimited backlinks analyzed (max 50,000 backlinks/project)
$0.4/1,000 backlinks found

Quick Domain Analysis
3 free researches per day, then $0.25 per research

5 Google Business Profile Locations

5 SEO leads per day + Unlimited leads for $0.49/lead

Branded SEO reports

SEO Teamwork (unlimited users)

SEO audit button on your site

White-label SEO tools
on your own domain $20/mo

SEO tools API Full functionality

White-label support & training

All scanning except for rankings and backlinks
at no extra cost

A Marketing Platform for in-house SEO teams who are on a fixed budget
$224 /mo
if paid annually
mo free

30 projects

600 unique keywords (4 SE combinations/project)

5 SERP scan depth

Weekly automated scanning Manual rank check possible

150,000 pages audited for SEO/technical issues
(5,000 pages/project)

150,000 backlinks analyzed (6,000 backlinks/project)

Quick Domain Analysis
10 free researches per day

20 Google Business Profile Locations

5 SEO leads per day

Branded SEO reports

SEO Teamwork (unlimited users)

SEO audit button on your site


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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does this offer work?

Once you order 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year of any priced subscription plan (Agency Unlimited, Corporate or Startup) - you will get an equivalent subscription term added to your account for free as a bonus.

e.g., If you pay $99 for 1 month of a Startup Plan you'll get 1 extra month of a Startup Plan subscription for free. As a result, your prepaid subscription period will now equal 2 months.

How much do i save with this offer?

Depending on the subscription period and the plan you choose, you can save from $99 to $2,691 with WebCEO. The longer the subscription period, the more you save:

you save $99 (1mo), $267 (3 mo), $498 (6 mo) or $891 (1 year)

you save $299 (1mo), $807 (3 mo), $1,506 (6 mo) or $2,691 (1 year)

you save $99 (1mo), $267 (3 mo), $498 (6 mo) or $891 (1 year)

How will i be billed after my bonus subscription term ends?

After your bonus prepaid subscription ends, you'll be automatically billed for the standard subscription term you originally ordered. Please keep in touch with your account manager about other available specials.

I am already subscribed to a paid plan. Can i take on this offer and save?

Yes, you can save even if you have previously ordered any paid plan with WebCEO. Please contact our Support Angels for assistance.

What are the costs for adding more users to my account?

You can provide FREE access to your projects for other users by adding an alias account or sharing projects to other WebCEO users via the User Manager (Heads Icon at the top right of your screen).

Both of the above methods will share full access to the service functionality that you have (for more details please contact us).

If you are thinking of a multi-level project operating model, where you would like to work in team with every member having their special permissions and roles, you should consider the White Label solution which will add only $20 to your monthly bill (fixed fee for as many projects as you like).

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard and AmEx are accepted.

Please contact us if you'd rather use PayPal, make a bank transfer or would like to discuss other options.

Can I be sure no hidden costs are imposed?

We guarantee a transparent and clear pricing policy. The Solo, Startup and Corporate service plans imply fixed monthly subscription fees (big discounts available on long-term subscriptions such as 3 months and more). All the functionality, available in any of these plans, comes with their fixed price - no additional charges are possible.

The Agency Unlimited plan is the one where monthly cost may vary. The fixed subscription part here is $99/mo (with discounts on longer subscription terms). Choosing to operate the tools on your own domain adds another $20/mo. The flexible pricing primarily depends on the amount of active projects and specific rank queries made per month.

A rank query is Number of Keywords X Number of Search Engines X Number of pages deep checked in the search results X How often per month rank scans are made.

The number of backlinks we find and individually show for you are priced at 40 cents per 1000 found. This last cost is often very minor indeed, considering most companies don’t have anywhere near 1000 backlinks. All other scans in the WebCEO tools are free of any extra charge. Their use is covered by the fixed cost.

To estimate the monthly spend, please check the system calculator.

Never hesitate to contact us if anything brings in questions.

Will I get white label (branded) SEO reports?

With every service plan (except Solo) you can enjoy the option of branding/personalizing your reports. We do not insist on your clients knowing you're a WebCEO's customer - regardless of your business type and size. We aim to keep you happy with the tools as a standout professional. Supply corporate branding to the reports and let your clients be amazed!

How do unique keywords in Rank Tracking count?

No hidden catch - a unique keyword or phrase is a unique keyword or phrase. Period. We don't count unique keywords as combinations keyword + search engine like others do. So, tracking how 'keyword' ranks on 3 local variants of a search engine makes it count as only one keyword of the available number used, not three.

If you are paying to track 200 keywords across 3 search engines, then in your report there will be 200 keywords on the list and three SE columns with results for each.

Warning: Don’t use a service that counts the same keyword as two different keywords if tracked on two local variants of a search engine! Back to Pricing


When you track keywords in the Rank Tracker, you can add 1 search engine (e.g. Google.com), designate if you specifically want to see mobile phone results or not, specify a particular city or country as the location (allow us to auto-find that location for you to choose) and choose what browser language the searchers will be using.

For instance, these are 3 SE combinations:
Google (EN) Mobile - London, UK,
Google (FR) - Paris, France,
Google (EN) - New York, New York, United States. Back to Pricing


The Quick Domain Analysis tool lets you analyze a list of competitor websites in a batch. See which of them have the strongest/weakest link profile. Get characteristics for each domain such as Moz DA, Alexa Traffic Rank, Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow, domain age etc. You can check up to 100 domains per research and compare your metric indices to your competitors. Back to Pricing

What is an SEO Lead?

An SEO Lead is a potential customer you will get from providing an Express SEO Audit report, generated with the help of WebCEO. The report will show an overall SEO score for your prospect's website and it will highlight site issues without providing too much detail.

The SEO Leads feature is available in all paid service plans. With the Agency Unlimited plan, the lead project you create in your SEO Leads dashboard will not cost you anything if you generate 5 or less per day ($0.49 per lead generated over the limit of 5 per day).

The Leads project will show an all-in-one SEO audit report which includes data from several WebCEO tools: the SEO Analysis tool, Technical Auditor, Rank Tracker, Backlink Checker and the Traffic Analysis module. Back to Pricing

Will you help me choose the best service plan for my SEO needs?

Of course! Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your current business needs and find the most suitable pricing model. Once your workflow turns into an overflow, just give us a shout and we'll tell you more about the available upgrade opportunities.

What type of customer support do you offer after the subscription purchase?

First, make sure you're connected with WebCEOOnline on Skype - this is where you can request demos and training, often right away, so you can know how to optimally use the tools. If you feel like there's something you're missing about the service, don’t hesitate to jump on a Skype call.

Our email address for the service-related questions is support at webceo.com. We reply to email messages within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Live chat is always accessible as an icon in the bottom left corner - both on the official site and in the service interface. We're live during business hours at the very least.

What are your business hours?

We're online:

  • for Sydney - 6 PM - 5:30 AM
  • for Delhi - 12:30 PM - 11:30 PM
  • for Tel Aviv and Cape Town - 9 AM - 8:30 PM
  • for London - 7 AM - 6:30 PM
  • for New York - 2 AM - 1:30 PM
  • for Los Angeles - 11 PM - 10:30 AM

What are my options for self-education with WebCEO?

For those who are just starting the SEO journey, as well as for those who want to enrich their knowledge and be on top of the SEO world, WebCEO offers the Help Center files, among which are the SEO Roadmap and a bunch of SEO Guides for best practices.

We're also updating the blog continually to cover the hottest SEO topics - pay a visit to learn our experts' opinions on the ongoing SEO community buzz.

Can i get a live b2b demo before i buy?

Yes, you can schedule a live screenshare demo of the advanced WebCEO functionality with a dedicated person.

Request an Interactive Demo >>

Need help?

Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team with any questions on WebCEO:
Email: support@webceo.com