The Rank Tracking Tool is the pride of the WebCEO platform and stands as the most popular feature in our suite.

In this tool, your clients will find three valuable sub-tools: My Site Rankings, Dangerous Competitors, and Competitor Rankings.

Each of them gives you the essential insights into your competitors, shows where they’re outperforming you, and most importantly, provides live data on your rankings.

Unlike other SEO tools that rely on static databases, WebCEO adapts to every Google update, delivering the latest and most relevant ranking information.

Today, we’re excited to show you why the WebCEO Rank Tracking Tool outperforms other SEO tools in the industry and will noticeably impress your clients.

Whether it’s tracking rankings across geolocations or keeping a close eye on competitors, we’ve got you covered. 

Why SERP Matters?

It’s important to be first, but it’s even more crucial to be first on Google. 

Search engine rankings are paramount for successfuly selling any product.

Moreover, all your clients’ competitors are vying for a spot on Google’s first page. 

That’s why your clients must track rankings and identify areas where competitors may have the upper hand.

The statistics speak for themselves: the first result on Google receives about 28% of all clicks, while results on the second page receive less than 1% each of the clicks. 

The top 3 results together account for over 60% of all clicks, making those positions highly desirable. 

SERP rankings matter because they directly influence your clients’ websites visibility, profit, and ability to generate quality traffic. 

With accurate and insightful SERP rank tracking, businesses can better understand their SEO performance and refine their strategies to achieve lasting results.

Let’s explore how the WebCEO Rank Tracking Tool excels in helping businesses achieve superior SERP rankings.

#1 Get Location-Based Rankings

The most powerful feature of the WebCEO Rank Tracking Tool is its capability to match a specific location with accurate rankings, allowing businesses to optimize their visibility anywhere in the world.

When configuring or updating rank tracking settings, choose a specific location.

Just start typing the name of the location into the Location field and select the right option from the dropdown list that appears.

Note: If a location is not specified, the tool defaults to the capital city of the target country as the target location. 

Additionally, for those who wish to compare report results with their own browser results, the location specified in the report settings should match the location detected by Google.

This alignment guarantees that the SEO insights your clients receive are accurate and comparable to real-world search results.

If your clients need to track results in a new location, you will need to create a new “search engine” because the settings of search engines already created cannot be edited. 

Instead, you must add a new search engine with the correct location settings. This feature is especially useful for businesses that operate in multiple regions and need to keep their strategies flexible and responsive to various market dynamics.

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#2 Real-Time Data

The next reason to be proud of the WebCEO Rank Tracking Tool is its Live Data feature.

Unlike other tools that depend on pre-collected databases of previously rank checked keywords, the WebCEO Rank Tracking tool performs ranks scans at the moment you order them so you will get the information appearing in real time on search engines. 

Since we fetch data directly in real-time, the scanning process can sometimes experience delays of up to 15 minutes for very large quantities of keywords. 

This is a small trade-off for ensuring that the data your clients receive is not only current but also accurately reflects the latest search engine results.

This feature is perfect for SEO professionals and businesses that need to quickly adapt to changes in SERP rankings.

#3 Staying Ahead with Google Updates

The Rank Tracking Tool is designed to keep pace with any changes in Google’s algorithm, ensuring your clients are never left behind.

Our system continuously monitors Google updates, enabling users to see how these changes influence positions on the SERP.

Whether it’s a major update that significantly changes the SEO industry or minor tweaks, you’ll be equipped to adjust your strategies swiftly and effectively.

By understanding exactly when and how Google’s changes are affecting your clients’ rankings, you can make informed decisions about what to do to boost positions.

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#4 Historical Data to Analyze Your Ranking Dynamics

The Historical Data feature in our My Site Rankings Tool is a valuable asset for understanding the dynamics of search engine position changes over time. 

It provides clear, concise data that saves time and offers insights, helping your clients identify trends, cycles, spikes, and dips in their search engine positions.

This tool efficiently organizes ranking history into an easy-to-read format, simplifying review and action.

By analyzing how and why rankings have changed in the past, you can better predict future trends and improve your clients’ strategies to get optimal performance and enhanced search visibility.

#5 Unique Value of Our Visibility Score

The Visibility Score is a well-known metric in SEO tools, designed to measure the potential impressions and click-through rates a website might receive based on its ranking positions for specific keywords. 

While most SEO tools calculate their Visibility Score using only global desktop organic rank results from Google, and often overlook the nuances of individual keyword demand, our approach goes several steps further.

Our Visibility Score algorithm incorporates a broader range of factors, making it a more precise and valuable tool.

It takes into account all organic and SERP feature rank positions across all tracked search engines, not just Google.

Additionally, it considers the type of device used, the exact scan locations of ranks, and importantly, the search volume of each keyword within the relevant regions around those locations. 

This unique formula helps you better understand the effectiveness of your SEO strategies.

Note: Many of our users frequently ask whether they can add desirable competitors to our tool to analyze their data. The answer is yes! 

Go to the tool settings and add any competitor of your choice. Once added, you will be able to view their visibility score and other relevant data in the Dangerous Competitors Tool.

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#6 Outshine Your Competition Using Shared Keywords

With our Shared Keywords feature, your customers can see which keywords their competitors are targeting. This tool can significantly increase the efficiency of a copywriter or SEO specialist.

By selecting one of the competitors and entering the keywords your clients aim to rank for, the Shared Keywords tool displays the positions of these keywords for both your client and their competitors

This direct comparison helps your clients understand the competitive landscape and see how their keyword positions stack up against their rivals.

Armed with this knowledge, your clients can make informed decisions about which keywords to focus on, guiding their content creation efforts to improve their chances of ranking at the top of Google. 

#7 Impress Your Clients with Professional PDF Reports

Every marketer faces the challenge of proving the impact of their efforts. Numbers do the talking, but they also need to be presented well.

Our PDF Builder enables you to create visually appealing SEO reports in minutes. This powerful tool eliminates the need for manual report creation.

Set up recurring reports, and they will automatically update with the latest results and send them directly to your selected recipients on a schedule.

This functionality ensures that your reports are not only informative but also professionally presented, making it easier to demonstrate the value of your SEO efforts to clients and superiors.

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