On August 22, 2023, Google launched a new update named Google Core Update August 2023. As is customary, and as Google states, the rollout process might take up to two weeks.

What to do?

Our foremost advice is to stay composed and focused. Such updates are predominantly targeted at something other than specific websites or pages. On the contrary, websites with lower rankings have the potential to become more prominent and substantial.

Website owners who observe a website’s rankings drop must redirect their attention toward identifying any technical issues and work on improving their website’s quality.

How does Google Core Update August 2023 affect rankings?

Over the past month, the volatility dynamics have remained remarkably high, and it isn’t easy now to assess the impact of the Google Core Update August 2023 on rankings.

During such updates, we strongly recommend frequently monitoring your rankings to recognize any need to improve a page’s quality. To facilitate this, utilize the WebCEO Rank Tracking Tool and Track All Types of Google Results, Including SERP Features.

We will vigilantly monitor this update’s progression and will undoubtedly showcase its impact in forthcoming articles.

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