In the past, a considerable amount of time was spent on developing online tools, testing, beta-testing with real people, and marketing. However, the game has changed over the years. Now, in the 2020s, if you are a great marketer, you don’t necessarily have to develop your own online tools. You can implement a white label solution and solve all your problems in a few clicks.

White label SEO in particular is getting more and more popular. It’s because the tech world is developing faster than ten or fifteen years ago. New companies have faced a new problem: struggling to create a product that will have enough strength to outdo competitors on short notice. However, that’s not something you can achieve in several days. There are often technically competent companies that don’t have great marketing abilities, but have significant advantages such as: years of experience, high quality products, a recognizable brand that will survive for years and years going forward and a proven strategy.

It’s not surprising that such companies eventually start to sell their software to agencies. WebCEO provides users with a White Label Domain feature. I’m here to make some details clear for you.


White labeling in general means selling goods of another company under your company’s identifiers: name, logo, package, etc. This can be any type of thing you want to trade: food, clothes, technology, and so on. The critical point of it is that you will pay an original manufacturer for the right to sell their products on behalf of your company. As soon as “documents are signed and money is transferred”, you will be free to put “Pringles” in your own can and name them “Hingles”, or put “Coca-cola” in your bottles and name it “Hoha-hola.”

White labeling in SEO:

  • Short version: it’s when you legally sell somebody’s SEO tools/software and features under your own name, logo and prices on your own domain. Nobody in the market will know the supplier.
  • Descriptive version: it’s when you “rent” somebody’s SEO platform, customize it, add your official logo and name, and sell it as if it’s your own. You keep this “purchase” hidden from your customers and create an image of an independent brand that has developed its own tools.


First, here is a scheme of how the process takes place:

Now let’s take WebCEO as an example. If you decide to resell or use our SEO tools using the White Label Domain feature, you’ll get access to all our tools, reports and a “clean” interface: there will be no signs of our branding, only bare spaces for your own brand.

Instead of this:


You will work with this:


And after rebranding you will get this:


That was a process of white labeling a product.

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Let’s talk about some similar concepts:

Private labeling at first glance is similar to white labeling, but there is a difference. White label SEO tools providers sell one set of tools without changes to multiple companies. Private labeling in turn concerns unique products with modifications applied specifically for one’s brand.

Outsourcing is when a company hires another company or independent specialists to work on specific projects. Usually, the software created belongs entirely to the hiring company. Companies often outsource when there is a lack of a budget, internal resources, experience or authority in specific types of activity.

Co-branding is when two brands cooperate to create a unique product. The names and logos of the companies stay as they are and open to the public. A new name will be provided to the jointly created product.


If you don’t have enough motivation, time, money or a team of experienced software developers, then white labeling is a great opportunity to join the sphere without any effort except for paying “wholesale” for the software. Practice shows that payment for a ready-to-go platform is far less than the cost of your own tool development. So, the only loss you’ll experience will be if you run a bad marketing campaign or the white label provider shuts down.

White labeling fits best when:

  • you need in-house SEO tools for your own projects or for your clients;
  • you have to provide your clients with branded SEO reports under your company’s name;
  • you want to sell high quality SEO tools but don’t have a solid base for their creation;
  • your company is marketing-oriented and you need decent SEO tools to promote and sell them as your own;
  • you need constantly increasing income and don’t want to create new SEO tools.


There are situations when white labeling is not your piece of cake:

  • Your company is self-sufficient enough to handle everything – development and marketing – without any side tools;
  • When your company or you yourself don’t have enough budget for high-quality SEO tools. You will be in trouble if you choose low-quality tools simply because they are “affordable”;
  • When you are sure your workers will not leave your company as soon as they learn about this way of getting revenue.  


Pros and Cons of White Labeling


  • You will save time:

Creating your own SEO tools is a time-consuming process. You can’t finish this in a week, because apart from the time you will spend on concept creation, you will have to spend even more time on development and testing. And that’s just for one tool.

If you want to create an all-in-one SEO platform that contains at least five or seven tools you will spend way more time, several years at least, with all difficulties and ordeals you might encounter during their creation.

With white label SEO platforms, you will get everything you need within 15-20 minutes. At least at WebCEO, this process requires a minimum amount of time. You’ll need a few minutes to customize your platform according to your company’s official colors and add its logo.

  • You will save money:

The development of SEO tools needs big resources. A lot of money will be spent even on one tool, and I haven’t mentioned the sums you’ll spend on research, people and testing, maybe even SEO consultants. Great SEO tools need great money. As there are a lot of SEO tools on the market, you will have to make your tools stand out among others if you want people to notice your product.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for white labeling, that money has already been spent, and not yours. With WebCEO you will spend only $20/mo above the standard $99/mo plan subscription that will provide you with the white label feature.

  • You will enter the niche fully armed:

Competition in the SEO niche is a big deal. You are not the first one who wants to conquer this field. If you want to make a loud statement about your company right from the beginning you will have to be prepared. High quality tools that encompass all the various steps of SEO research and audits will present your company in a bright light and help you go up against strong competition in the niche. Meanwhile, the WebCEO SEO tools have been a part of this market for nearly 20 years and have been highly regarded by users, SEO experts and other SEO platforms.

  • You will get high revenue with low expenditures:

Developing and selling SEO tools are not easy tasks because this needs an enormous budget. Without decent promotion, your great tools will stay unnoticed by potential customers. Without decent development but with a loud marketing campaign, you will risk getting a lot of negative feedback. 

Working with WebCEO and paying only $20/mo to resell its tools on your own sub-domain, you will be able to spend your budget on marketing goals and advertisements on various platforms.

  • No need to reinvent the wheel:

You don’t have to break your brain for years when SEO experts and experienced software developers have already done everything instead of you. By subscribing to the white label domain feature, you will by default purchase all the future service updates and new tool implementations. You can shut off white label at any time.

  • You will create your custom pricing plans:

With white labeling you will be able to set your own limits as to price plans, scan limits, user roles, general access. 

  • You will have time for marketing:

It’s a well-known fact that cool SEO tools are not everything. Without a decent marketing plan and great effort in promoting your products, you will not make it recognizable and trustworthy enough to attract more and more people. However, with a ready to work set of SEO tools you will be able to spend your time and budget on marketing.


  • You will have no control over the tools and features:

“Purchasing” tools of another platform, you will decide nothing on their development and updates. If you want to add some new features to already existing tools or reports, you will not be able to do this because these will not be your own tools. Only the provider can make such changes.

Users of the WebCEO White Label Domain feature always leave their feedback and we try to take their thoughts into consideration during planning the next service updates. 

  • If you choose an unreliable provider, you will pay for that:

It depends on the platform you are going to buy tools from. If a company goes bankrupt and shuts down, you will be in trouble. There will appear a necessity to find a new white label provider as fast as possible and the new software will have to be no worse than the previous one.

It’s important to choose a provider that will play on the market as long as the niche is in demand.

Conduct thorough research to find that very platform that will be a reliable partner. You should look at its set of tools, years on the market, popularity, DA, and other sides of their Internet existence.

Price vs Functionality:

It’s not a rare scenario when we buy products at high prices but the quality of goods turns out to be not so high in comparison with the sums taken from our credit cards. There are situations when we want to save some money and try to buy SEO tools at low prices and of equally low quality in the vain hope that customers will cooperate with such a strategy.

Don’t be in a rush and choose your platform thoughtfully. You will work on a chosen platform for a long time. Make sure you’ll choose quality over price.

  • Branded SOFTWARE vs Branded REPORTS:

Most SEO software providers position their tools as “white label SEO tools” but in most cases they will only provide you with the possibility to brand your SEO reports as PDFs – nothing more. You will not get a white-label platform hosted on your domain, which looks like your team developed it.

Be attentive when it comes to white label SEO software and services.


There are a few ways to find out if a provider is worthy of your trust:

  • User reviews

People’s opinions are the most reliable source of information. There are websites where you can read feedback from real people who have already used specific tools. Capterra, G2, Trustpilot are websites where you can find trustworthy opinions and learn all the pros and cons of working with different platforms.

It would be great to get a direct review from a company that has used a product you are interested in. However, most often their names are hidden and you will not know how to contact them. 

  • Information from the website

Diligently learn everything that is written on a provider’s website. Don’t forget about the “Pricing” page to learn what you can get at different prices. It’s important to know your future limitations and opportunities. Don’t let yourself get trapped. Gather questions you would like to get answers on from providers and contact a company’s support team.

  • Support

Don’t be shy! If you have any questions or want to clarify something about a service, you should go straight to the support team and get your answers. You will want to know people will have your back.

  • Live demo

You will want to have a specialist give you a screenshare demo. Screenshots aren’t enough.

At WebCEO, you can get a demo whenever you want to learn what’s inside our SEO platform.


  1. Decide for yourself if your business will benefit from white-label SEO tools.
  2. Study the niche of white-label SEO platform providers, and pick only the best ones for testing.
  3. Contact the provider and start your Tool & Feature testing.

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