went down on Friday afternoon around 3:50pm PT for about five minutes. Google says you can follow their dashboard for more information about Google services: What’s interesting is that, for the 5 minutes that Google servers went down, web traffic fell 40%.

You can now download the latest version of AdWords Editor. The new version supports upgraded sitelinks for enhanced campaigns. With the enhanced campaigns you can include additional details for each sitelink.

Google has updated its Google Map app for iOS and Android devices with a new local ad view. The ads now appear at the bottom of the screen.  In addition to the standard title and ad text, the ads include the car icon link to get directions. From the “more information” view users can “Get location details,” get directions, click-to-call or click on the ad headline. If you want to run ads in the Google Maps app, set up location extensions in your AdWords campaigns (or set up an ad in AdWords Express) and set your campaign to show on mobile devices.

Finally Google has now added a new feature to Google Webmaster Tools that shows you if your website has been the subject of a manual webspam action. Manual webspam actions occur when a Google employee reviews your site and finds any Google Webmaster Guidelines violations. To check if your site has been reviewed and affected, just go to Google Webmaster Tools, click on the “Manual Actions” link under “Search Traffic.” It should say “No manual webspam actions found.”

Remember to use WebCEO’s Website Audit Tool to optimize your site for search engines and prevent any actions that could harm your website’s ranking.