We are continuing our circle of interviews with our clients and experts in the SEO niche. Meet today’s SEO specialist Lorenzo Spinosi, CEO & Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant at Spinosi Marketing Strategies s.r.l.

Lorenzo kindly shares his early experience in the niche, tells how he does SEO for big companies, gives some professional advice and explains how WebCEO helps run his business! 


Allen MacCannell: Ciao Lorenzo! Thanks for being with us today! We are proud to interview such an expert! Can you say some words about your company? I’m sure our readers will be curious about the workflow of one of their colleagues. 

Lorenzo Spinosi: Ciao Allen! It was nice to receive your offer, and, honestly, how could I refuse it! Thanks for the kind word. Spinosi Marketing Strategies is a marketing consulting company on the Adriatic Coast in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy. We provide strategic consulting for the digital marketing transformation of companies, encouraging the construction of brand strategies and operational marketing tools, including SEO, which are really effective for any company’s growth. We support companies with long-term development projects, providing services with a high rate of technological innovation and always in line with their level of development.

A: Your company covers a lot in terms of the whole marketing sphere. Now, let’s dive into history. Do you remember your first steps? Did you start with a few tools for different purposes or with an all-in-one SEO platform?

L: Our team initially approached SEO by working with different tools and performing a lot of “manual” analysis operations, which WebCEO later improved upon.

A: It’s a pleasure to hear this. How long have you been working as an SEO agency?

L: We are consultants with “DNA” in digital transformation and for 9 years our focus has been on the use of strategic marketing and operational marketing tools, including SEO tools, to increase the competitiveness of client companies in different sectors.

A: Nine years is a lot of time. I bet, you have experienced a lot on your SEO path. Tell us from your expert point of view, which SEO tasks eat up most of your team’s time?

L: From my experience, SEO tasks that eat up most of our team’s time are:

  • the search for interesting keywords for the client’s business;
  • the search for interesting domains from which to acquire backlinks.


A: You are a long-term WebCEO client. When was the first time you started using WebCEO? What SEO tasks have you solved with this platform?

L: We started using WebCEO in 2015. 

The platform immediately made it easy to find and manage a basket of keywords relevant to our clients’ businesses, identify their positioning and dangerous organic competitors.

Also, WebCEO helps us in the daily monitoring of the SEO projects we manage. The service allows us to know about innovative algorithm updates and the latest Google My Business integration allows us to manage and monitor the local positioning of our customers and their local competitors.

A: After so many years in the SEO niche and in our service, how do you think – what SEO tools are a must for you/for any SEO specialist?

L: Definitely tools that integrate SEO on-page and off-page, such as Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, Internal Links, Backlink Checker, Competitor Backlink Spy, Technical Audit and the Landing Page SEO tool with its Keyword Placement Maps. Auditing for common SEO issues is easy with WebCEO and it’s great to have integration with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, GMB and Google Ads.

A: What are your top 3 most used WebCEO tools?

L: The 3 most used WebCEO tools are My Site Rankings, Dangerous Competitors and Keyword Research.

A: Which of the WebCEO tools have really helped your agency grow?

L: The WebCEO tool that really helped our agency grow was the accurate Keyword Research tool and the valuable insights and corrections that WebCEO provides in SEO Analysis.

A: You definitely send SEO reports to your customers. Could you please tell us more about that?

L: On a monthly basis we provide our customers with SEO reports on site positioning for their projects along with a comparison with their competitors’ positioning.

A: Are there some SEO hacks for gaining high rankings and driving traffic to a website that you can share?

L: Thoroughly analyze the market and the positioning of competitors to provide quality content relevant to users’ search intentions.

A: As is known, budget and time are key aspects in any business. How exactly did WebCEO help your SEO team save time and costs?

L: WebCEO helps our SEO experts to accurately identify the most interesting keywords for client websites with the goal of using them to reach the top positions on search engines. In this sense it provides our SEO team with many valuable insights and corrections to achieve the goal.


A: Let’s start with the most interesting part. You are an expert in the niche. Tell us about your most recent success, please.

L: Among our recent successful SEO projects are RDB Italprefabbricati and SIM Immobiliare.

RDB Italprefabbricati is the market leader in the design and supply of prefabricated sheds for every purpose of use: industrial sheds, commercial buildings, and logistics and tertiary use. Intense SEO activity allowed the positioning of the website for keywords of interest to its competitors on the first page of Google. For “Capannoni prefabbricati” (2.900 searches per month) RDB Italprefabbricati is now eighth on Google Italy.

SIM Immobiliare is a real estate agency in Novara (TO), Italy, which since 1992 offers a multitude of services to those interested in selling, buying and renting houses in Novara and its province. With WebCEO we have been working on a local SEO strategy that has made it position on the first page of Google. For “Agenzia immobiliare Novara” (1.000 searches per month) and other topics on Google Maps it is the first agency positioned.

A: With so many clients, how do you keep an eye on their projects?

L: A good practice is to plan the daily monitoring of customer projects on a set objectives. It is advisable to monitor the positioning of the site every day and understand any fluctuations compared to competitors

A: Do you serve clients in your area, or do you cover clients from different locations? 

L: We cover clients from different locations thanks to WebCEO tools, including the Google My Business tool, that allow us to develop effective Local SEO strategies for our clients.

A: Have you tried other SEO platforms? What was the decisive factor that made you choose WebCEO?

L: We tried other SEO platforms but the decisive choice fell on WebCEO because it is a complete platform that allows us to easily take care of on-page and off-page SEO features.

A: What tools did you use before your team migrated to WebCEO? What was the reason?

L: The tool we used before our team migrated to WebCEO was SEOZoom. SEOZoom does not include all WebCEO tools.

A: What do you find unique about WebCEO? 

L: In addition to the features described, our SEO team considers the WebCEO software extremely useful for the management of projects in different languages.

Our SEO team considers the WebCEO software extremely useful for the management of projects in different languages.