We know how hard it may be to choose the best product in the modern world of marketing hype. We compared the WebCEO Online Rank Checker to the Authority Labs tool to figure out what each tool will do.

We have chosen the two most popular plans, both cost $99/mo.

Rank Checker
Authority Labs
$99/mo – Gold $99/mo – Pro
What you get:
Rank Checker, Site Auditor, on-page SEO  analysis for specific keywords, Keyword Tool, Content Submission Tool, Social Buzz tracker, To Do List (SEO checklist), Backlink Checker, Web Analytics, Search Engine News content access
What you get:
Rank Checker
7 domains
300 keywords (for all domains)

  • One keyword with any combination of search engines, browser languages and countries is one keyword.
100 domains
1000 keywords (for all domains)

  • One keyword for two search engine versions (Google Australia vs Google.com) counts as TWO keywords.

When we compare Web CEO and Authority Labs domains and keywords directly, it seems Authority Labs gives you more. However, if you add a keyword such as “real estate” for Google.com (USA) and the same keyword for Google.ca (Canada), Authority Labs will count them as two keyword slots, while with the WebCEO Rank Checker this would be only one keyword.

With the WebCEO Rank Checker you can choose from 300+ local search engines as well as the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing). Also with Web CEO you can monitor every keyword in 5 search engines while Authority Labs only in 3 (and will count it as 3 different keywords).

Rank Checker
Authority Labs
Available search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, 300+ local search engines. Available search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo
Real-time keyword ranking results 30 minutes delay with keyword ranking results
Accuracy: Specify country and query language

  • Specify location for any search engine. You can analyze Google UK Glasgow and Bing Canada for one rank scan if you wish.
Accuracy: Specify country and query language

  • Cannot specify location for a concrete search engine, only bulk changes accepted (changing the country for all search engines at once).
Scan depth : 3 search engine result pages

  • (10  pages deep with the $99+ Pro plan)
Scan depth : 10 search engine result pages
Historical data stored for 1 year Historical data stored for the lifetime of an account
Extended results are clearly-detected and marked in the report

  • You can choose which types of special results to detect.
  • Your site’s position for the keyword will be marked with the corresponding special result icon in a report.

  • States the fact that Google Places or Shopping results were found somewhere on a search engine result page – but does not specify if those are your site’s results.
Ranking positions may be checked weekly, monthly or quarterly (daily with the $99+ Pro plan).Scheduled automated emailing available. Ranking positions are checked daily.No scheduling for emailed reports
Extra useful data: Google Analytics data (organic referring keywords), search volume Extra useful data: Search volume
Reports in PDF, CSV Reports in PDF, CSV

As you know, ranking reports are one of the most important aspects of an SEO business. You can save your ranking report in CSV format with Authority Labs, but only manually.

The Web CEO Online Rank Checker scans your rankings automatically and sends reports to your email inbox.

Rank Checker
Authority Labs
You can track competitors’ rankings, backlinks, research competitors’ keywords You can track competitors’ rankings
Multi-user login available Multi-user login available
Report sharing on reportsharing.comReport sharing on a white-label domain is available with the Pro Plan for $99+ Report sharing on a white-label domain
Multi-user collaboration on a white-label domain is available with the Pro Plan for $99+

Authority Labs allows you to share your ranking reports on a white-label domain in read-only format.

With Web CEO Online’s Pro Plan, you can do this but you can also share the actual tools themselves with customers and coworkers by using the White Label Domain service available in the Pro Plan ($99+/mo).

The Web CEO Gold Plan for the fixed $99 price lets you show reports at reportsharing.com. You would have to pay $20 more per month for the white label service plus the Pro Plan project and scan fees.

The White Label Domain feature of the WebCEO Online SEO tools allows users to configure a domain that will host the SEO tools and you can then label the tools with a private logo, header, footer and custom design. Here your clients and coworkers can log on from your own website to collaborate on projects, operate the SEO tools in a Do-It-Yourself mode, or view reports in a read-only format.

Consider reviewing the WebCEO White-label SEO Tools. Start with a free trial here.

A live screenshare demo on white-label SEO Platform management is available on request. Please fill in the form on our website and expect Allen Maccannell, VP Sales at WebCEO, to contact you shortly.