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WebCEO Dashboard Anatomy
by  | February 8, 2017

Current chess engines are able to defeat even the strongest human players under normal conditions. However, when computers were less powerful, a human always won because a human chess player can intuitively determine what moves are worth paying attention to….

WebCEO Karma: 15 Years in Figures
by  | September 19, 2016

This September, WebCEO team celebrates 15 years of serving  valued customers and contributing to their success in SEO. The 15-year anniversary is the celebration of what WebCEO is all about  –  making every SEO professional’s, website owner’s and internet marketing…

The WebCEO Easter Special: Get More Bunny for Your Money!
by  | March 17, 2016

The Easter discount hunt at WebCEO is in full swing! Let us introduce you to our Easter egg hunter, Mr. Big Ears. Just visit our special offer page where you can see our Easter host in all his bunny hopping…

How to Create Client SEO Reports Which Break the Fourth Wall
by  | March 11, 2016

There is a term called “breaking the fourth wall” which refers to the imaginary wall between a theater stage and the audience of a performance. Normally, it’s like a real wall because the actors and actresses never acknowledge the existence…

6 Ways to See Local Business Rankings Like Your Customers Do
by  | February 5, 2016

Those who run a local business, or provide SEO services for small business owners, now have a competitive edge over national brands, because the latter don’t have physical locations in cities where most of their customers reside. Local businesses can…

How to Save Yourself from Sneaky Google Critters
by  | October 29, 2015

It took years for Google to adopt and successfully release their critters on the world, which now devotedly guard the Internet search domain from mortal transgressors. Each of the Google animals live in their own area of the search world…

Baker’s Dozen of Tools Startups Can Actually Afford
by  | October 22, 2015

One of the primary reasons startups fail is a lack of capital. The overhead that comes with getting a successful business going is often more than the average entrepreneur can handle. The result is a 90 percent failure rate for…

How to Keep Your Backlink Profile Ever Clean
by  | May 29, 2015

With the weather getting hotter, Google has been aggressively rolling out update after update. It all started with the Google Mobile-Friendly Update aka Mobilegeddon. Then it was followed by speculations about an additional Google Mobile Search Update dubbed Platypus and…