It took years for Google to adopt and successfully release their critters on the world, which now devotedly guard the Internet search domain from mortal transgressors. Each of the Google animals live in their own area of the search world with specific rules and laws. You can tame these beasts if you are fully dedicated to what you do, like Martin Lacey with his head in a lion’s mouth, or Roy Horn being grabbed by the throat by a tiger or Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, who raised three dragons (don’t tell us you don’t watch that series).

Google critters are really friendly to those who feed them with consistent food like fresh content, yummy backlinks, rich context and original local SEO cuisine. But when they meet intruders on their territory, who give no value to them and their search visitors, they run amok and can even harm you.  For you to stay safe from feral Google critters here is a short interactive SEO infographic. Keep your eyes open on Halloween and use WebCEO to tame the Google beasts.